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Michael Brenner on Jun 28, 2011 in Social Media

B2B Marketing PR and Social MediaJust over a year ago I wrote about how Social Media will help to unite Marketing, PR, Customer Service, HR and more. I said it would help us “all get along better” as we align around customer needs.

Recently I was invited to dive a bit deeper on this by Stacey Acevero, Social Media Community Manager of Vocus’ PRWeb. Stacey hosts the weekly twitter chat, #PRWebChat.

The specific topics we covered included the growth of Twitter, the need for Marketing and PR to establish trust and the ROI of Social Media. 

There was an incredible group of marketing and PR professionals who joined the conversation and added tremendous insights. But I wanted to share it all with you and get your thoughts. So here is a rough and hopefully easy-to-digest transcript of the session. And please comment below if you agree or disagree.

1. In a recent blog, I noted that adult Twitter usage has increased 60%. What has caused this spike?

  • I think Twitter is relatively easy to use and helps drive engagement and thought leadership.
  • And since it’s easy to engage with others, it’s really great for customer service.
  • I also saw a report that more than a 3rd of smart phone users are on Twitter (3X the avg.), so decision makers are there.

2. What are some future implications of this spike in the business world?

  • First, business decision makers are influenced by their friends and by brands on Twitter.
  • Also, 25-34 year olds are the fastest growing segment – so tomorrow’s leaders will be even more influenced by Twitter.
  • Businesses need to be on Twitter or they will be missing a huge segment of their audience now and in the future.

3. Why is it so important for a company to gain knowledge of SEO before jumping straight into using social channels?

  • SEO will tell you what your audience is searching for – what topics are hot and what words they use.
  • SEO analysis also helps to provide an understanding of the complexity of social monitoring.
  • If you look at the best content in social and what is shared the most, it generally has a basis in strong SEO.

4. What is an effective way to establish trust in B2B marketing?

  • To establish trust you have to listen to your customer conversations and engage in social customer service.
  • Trust is also about delivering on promises. If your business is on Twitter, be ready to respond to direct questions.
  • In social, a crisis can blow up in minutes. Every business needs a crisis response plan. We need PR to help drive that.

5. How is the ROI of social media being challenged?

  • The ROI of social media question is based on fear of change and fear of engagement or transparency.
  • I suggest fighting fear with fear. Ask: what is the cost of NOT being a social business?
  • Your customers are talking about you…businesses need to know what they’re saying?
  • Customers are looking to ask you questions. Businesses need to answer them.

6. Is quality or quantity more important when posting content on social media channels?

  • Quality AND quantity are important in social. But quality first. Use analysis to determine the right quantity.
  • Social is also a great opportunity for businesses to curate content from others.
  • Use social channels to become a primary source of content for your customers.

I invite you to join Stacey @sacevero and @PRweb for #PRWebchat every Thursday from 2-3pm EST.

Special thanks to @Rosemontwriter, @jessicanorthey, @John_Trader1, @zestimedia, @tkpleslie, @eeestep, @wittlake, @hivgirl, @edeckers, @JuliaHidy and especially @sacevero and @PRweb for the participation and support!

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Michael Brenner
Michael Brenner
Michael Brenner is a globally-recognized keynote speaker, author of The Content Formula and the CEO of Marketing Insider Group. He has worked in leadership positions in sales and marketing for global brands like SAP and Nielsen, as well as for thriving startups. Today, Michael shares his passion on leadership and marketing strategies that deliver customer value and business impact. He is recognized by the Huffington Post as a Top Business Keynote Speaker and a top CMO influencer by Forbes. Please follow him on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook and Subscribe here for regular updates.
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