The Top 8 Social Networks For Business

Recently, Adobe’s released their 5th annual CMO Guide to The Social Landscape highlighting the top 8 social networks for businesses.

Adobe evaluated each platform based on 4 criteria: SEO, brand awareness, customer communication, and traffic generation.

The Big 4: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

These top networks have been covered each of the last 4 years. And while Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube should be top of mind for any marketer, not all businesses are creating content specifically for these channels.

The content that performs well on Facebook can be very different from that which performs well on Twitter and LinkedIn. The audiences on each platform has it’s own expectations, and context.

And YouTube is a totally different thing. Very few brands have teams dedicated to the art of creating effective video and yet many businesses still seek to create “viral videos”. Not every video has to achieve the success of the Corning World of Glass video.

Slideshare: The New Kid On The Block

This year, Adobe added Slideshare to the list. I have been saying for years that Slideshare is one of the greatest opportunities for businesses to create effective content that helps their audience.

I like Slideshare because it is a completely different kind of content from blogs, tweets and videos. It forces you to think visually, to tell a story and to create something that is helpful. It is also one of the top sites for business professionals.

The Niche-Players: Google+, Pinterest, Instagram

I believe Google+ is an important channel because of the role Google plays in search and also because of the growing importance of author rank.

Pinterest and Instagram provide access to a unique audience and the picture-based content is a little different in context from some of the other platforms. Businesses should consider each of these platforms carefully.

Tumblr, StumbleUpon: The Forgotten Ones

I covered both of these in my own review on the top 9 social networks for businesses 2 years ago.

Some brands are finding ways to use them quite effectively. IBM is doing a nice job with their Smarter Planet from a B2B marketing perspective. I have tried a couple of times to test StumbleUpon but haven’t cracked the code.

How about you? Which ones do you think are most important or have been missed?

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Michael Brenner is a globally-recognized keynote speaker, author of The Content Formula and the CEO of Marketing Insider Group. He has worked in leadership positions in sales and marketing for global brands like SAP and Nielsen, as well as for thriving startups. Today, Michael shares his passion on leadership and marketing strategies that deliver customer value and business impact. He is recognized by the Huffington Post as a Top Business Keynote Speaker and a top CMO influencer by Forbes. Please follow him on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook and Subscribe here for regular updates.

11 thoughts on “The Top 8 Social Networks For Business

  1. Michael,

    A prediction: next year Google+ will be at the top of your list.

    B2B marketing influencers are just catching on to the importance of Google+ (myself included). This is because it is really a different tool, with unique capabilities and requirements. It does require a learning curve.

    It will become our content hub and the first place we put content. It will be our 3rd party content curation site. We are directing blog readers to comment and share from G+. And this is just the start.

    1. Thanks Jim, I’m not sure you’re right but won’t disagree that it is possible. I wouldn’t bet against Google and find Google+ to have the potential to become a top 3 site. I’ve been using it for a while now as a sharing platform but still struggle with finding a reason to shift my focus there more than, say, Slideshare or LinkedIn.

      Will be interesting to see if your prediction comes true.

  2. Definitely had good success on slideshare in terms of a great social player to website presos on my clients website but the community their is very knowledgeable, decision makers and wanting to learn.

  3. Michael,

    Thanks for the insight on these networks (as well as linking the image of the Social Landscape in 2014). Really helps to know where to adjust your efforts based on what’s the most effective for your goals.

    I’ve read some interesting things about StumbleUpon, but I’m not sure how well it works for B2B. But, I’ve been looking for a way to take advantage of it as well.

  4. I think it all links back to the aim of the marketer. What the marketer is trying to achieve will determine the social media platform to be used. It’s also on thing to know which social media platform to use, and its another thing to deliver the right contents, and this is very important. You can check up this site for more information

  5. Dear Michael , I thank you for Pocket – I did not know for it till I dicovered your posts/ blogs … I am Lecturer / ,Consultant always looking for good source … and with the “problem” where to save it 🙂 for further usage 🙂 Best regards from Slovenia

    1. My pleasure Brigita, I found it as a top source for my traffic and added it as a social sharing option. People seem to love it for exactly the purpose you mention. So happy to have helped you!

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