Augmented Reality For B2B Marketing in 2011?

If you’ve ever seen Star Trek, Minority Report or just about any other movie based in the future, you have seen augmented reality in use, albeit in a future vision. According to Wikipedia, [...]

Whatever Happened To The Business Case

There is a graveyard of good ideas in the corporate world. And fields overflowing with the weeds of bad ideas grown from the seeds of false assumptions… A couple of months ago I [...]

Finding The Time To Tweet or Blog?

Social media is intimidating to a large number of people. But the growth just keeps going for the users on the major social sites Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And so I get this question all [...]

The Future of B2B Marketing: It's Social

I received a question on twitter yesterday from Billy Mitchell, Senior Creative Director at the MLT Creative agency: he asked me “What is the future of B2B Marketing?” This got me to [...]

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