The State Of The Union In B2B Marketing

I wish I could say “the state of our union is strong.” And although I’m usually a very optimistic person, I find it hard to say these words today. Yesterday I read the 5 Things [...]

25 Billion Tweets And More: A Year In Online Activity

Ever wonder just how big the internet is? Or how much data is shared by web users across the world? Well Pingdom, a Swedish company that provides website monitoring, has the answers for you. The [...]

Mobile Marketing In 2011 – Are You Ready?

Mobile Marketing has appeared on many B2B Marketing lists of things to watch in 2011. But are consumers ready to receive promotional messages on their mobile device? According to The Mobile [...]

How To Create Killer Content: Speak To A Customer

One of my favorite questions when I speak to marketers about social media, content marketing, demand generation or sales alignment is also one of the most frequently asked: I am a small business [...]

Social Sharing Might Get You Sued: Social Media And Copyright Law

That’s right, you better watch what you share on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, because you could end up getting into trouble. You could even get sued. And the penalty might be more than a [...]

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