Marketing For The Small Business: How To Get Started

I’ve recently spoken to a number of small business owners about how to get started in marketing. Maybe you have hired a freelancer to setup your website or asked an intern to build a [...]

Marketing Mistakes: Focusing On Activities Instead Of Results

Ask sales people what they think is wrong with marketing and they will say the biggest mistake marketers make is too much of a focus on marketing activities instead of results. I have explained [...]

My Social Media Hangover

Last week I attended SAP’s annual conference SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando as a “social reporter.” For three full days, I live-blogged and live-tweeted my way through almost a [...]

The Circle of Trust in B2B Marketing

A wickedly lucky reorganization thrust me into leading a b2b digital marketing practice about 2 years ago.  Good move.  Rude awakening. To adapt to the role, I had to reprogram about 15 years of [...]

Top Tips For Driving Marketing And Sales Alignment

What is the biggest issue facing Marketers today? Tons of recent reports, the latest coverage of major industry conferences, threads on Twitter and also my own site analytics point to the same [...]

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