Money Is the Root of All Marketing Plan Evil

Today officially marks the half way point in the year.  Which means your 2011 marketing plan has just a few more chances to be analyzed, reviewed and refined in order to help you meet your [...]

Mobile Marketing Is A Strategy Not A Tactic

What has more users than all the TVs, PCs and landlines in the whole world combined? What is a bigger channel than the 1.7 billion people surfing the internet worldwide? Yup. The answer is [...]

MarketingProfs 10 Imperatives To Chart A New Course In B2B Marketing

For those of you who followed my live-tweeting during Marketing Profs B2B Marketing Forum, I hope it was helpful. And for those of you who unfollowed me, I understand…My output has caused [...]

The Future of Marketing

I was recently directed back to an article from late last year in Fast Company magazine called The Future of Advertising by Danielle Sacks. In the article, she talks about the impact of the [...]

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