7 Trends From The Focus Technology Marketing Handbook

I started the B2B Marketing Insider blog to share marketing tips and tricks and my view of the marketing landscape from my perspective – someone who’s living and breathing this stuff [...]

Integrating Social Media Into The B2B Marketing Mix [Slides]

This presentation covers the change that is occurring in marketing. Marketers are no longer in control of the message. We are in a battle for customer attention and focusing just on social media [...]

The Battle For Customer Attention

It used to be so easy. With the right amount of budget and the right Madison Avenue “Mad Men,” any business could reach their target audience. But now, the consumer marketplace is [...]

Online Advertising Ready To Takeoff In 2012

Earlier this week, I wrote about the multiple reports coming out that identify massive growth in mobile marketing ad spend and impressions. The largest estimates came late Tuesday from InMobi who [...]

2 Recent Reports Show Mobile Ads And Apps Are Hot!

One of my “no-brainer” marketing predictions for 2012 was that mobile advertising and app development would begin to take up more than the meager 1% or less of marketing spend [...]

Get Found: 7 Steps to Fire Up Your Inbound Marketing

I’ve said many times before that the overwhelming majority of marketing activities are dreadfully unsuccessful. And now, after playing in the traditional marketing margins for years and [...]

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