Content Curation And 12 More Content Marketing Terms Defined

“Social Media” is so 91 days and 42 seconds ago… Content Strategy and Content Marketing may be the marketing buzz words of 2012 but their meaning is still debated by the best consultants in the [...]

Inbound Marketing: Do You Have A Content Destination?

B2B Marketers have always been doing content marketing. And the reason is simple: the decision making process in B2B is a bit more complicated than buying a pack of gum. There are colleagues to [...]

3 Easy Questions To Answer For Your First Blog Post

Last week I wrote about the biggest reasons people don’t do social media. The majority of respondents to my highly unscientific poll stated lack of time, uncertainty of the value and not being [...]

Sales and Marketing Alignment: How to Sell To A Sales Person

Sales and Marketing alignment continues to be a major issue for both sides. Marketing often seeks to drive long term while also helping sales has to hit their quarterly numbers. But the balance [...]

The Top 5 Reasons People Don't Do Social

There is an observation in social media called “Participation Inequality” or the “1% rule” that says that 1% of us create content, 9% of us share content and 90% of us are [...]

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