Is Content Marketing the Right Choice for My Business?

By Michael Brenner on March 17, 2021

“Is content marketing the right choice for my business?” you might wonder. Content marketing isn’t just one of those trends that come and go in the marketing world. It’s an essential ingredient in marketing success in the digital universe. With a wealth of information at their fingertips, today’s customers come to their buying decisions with

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How Set and Measure Your Content Marketing Goals

By Michael Brenner on January 8, 2023

young kids on a soccer team doing a break to show content marketing goals

One of the biggest challenges in marketing is setting and measuring the right content marketing goals and objectives. While this sounds pretty basic, the obstacle is typically getting your executives and your larger team on board. Getting your content marketing analysis right isn’t just about finding out how successful your content marketing strategy is and

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How Much Should Content Marketing Cost?

By Michael Brenner on January 4, 2023

chart plotting costs for content marketing

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the cost of content marketing today. That’s because there are so many variables that go into pricing and overall spend. Each business’s content marketing costs will depend on how developed their existing content strategy is, what the content should achieve and whether an in-house team or outsourcing is a

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13 Biggest Content Marketing Challenges

By Michael Brenner on November 4, 2022

content marketing challenges

Brands face multiple obstacles when organizing the content function. They must grapple with content proliferation; inconsistent and uncoordinated content creation; the lack of strategic direction in the content insights process; and the difficulty for consumers, customers and prospects to find content that is relevant and timely. Startups and B2B SaaS Founders often are’t even sure

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picture of an elevator control panel to help you get promoted and elevate your job status

Are you looking to take the next step in your marketing career? You’re not alone. A 2021 survey by Oracle states that 75% of employees feel personally and professionally stuck. According to Google search trends, professionals are looking to grow their careers at an all-time high. As companies downsize due to facing this challenging economy

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7 Smart Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

By Haley McDevitt on October 17, 2022

marketing strategies for small businesses

Whether you’re launching a new small business or already have an existing one, you need to develop a marketing strategy that prioritizes a strong online presence. With 97% of people researching local businesses online, it’s essential to meet potential customers where they spend the most time. However, growing your small business in the digital landscape

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ecommerce brand

The way consumers shop has changed. Today, 87% of consumers begin their product searches on digital channels like search engines. eCommerce brands need great content if they want to connect with their audience and win these potential customers. It’s why a copywriting service for eCommerce retailers has become such a popular option. The truth is,

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