Article by Anna Eliot

  • Behavioral Targeted Lead Nurturing: It’s All About Context

    Value is imperative in today’s B2B marketplace. Your product needs to address customers’ immediate—as well as their long-term needs. Current marketing practices take customer needs into consideration when producing content for lead generation programs. This same practice needs to be considered for B2B lead generation strategies. Finding success with B2B lead nurturing in today’s market

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  • Planning for ABM? Overcome These Common Challenges

    Account-based marketing (ABM) has gained a firm foothold in the B2B marketing world. According to Information Technology Services Marketing Association, ABM is defined as “treating individual accounts as markets in their own right.” Basically, you as a marketer are taking personalization to an elevated level. Making the leap into ABM marketing is highly recommended to improve your marketing ROI, but without

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  • 5 Powerful Re-Engagement Tactics to Warm Cold Leads

    As anyone in sales or marketing knows, there are plenty of issues that can derail everything from a campaign funnel to a prospect’s buying decision. Circumnavigating, or even better, mitigating these issues entirely is what keeps us on our toes. When it comes to sales specifically, it is a common problem to see a lead

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