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  • b2b lead qualification

    How to Prioritize Your Best B2B Leads

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but most of your B2B leads most likely won’t convert into sales. Some might not be ready to buy, some you could lose to competition, while some might have needs that your solutions don’t exactly fit. You aren’t alone in this struggle. Only 12% of B2B

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  • reduce CPA

    15 Effective Ways to Reduce Cost Per Acquisition

    Cost per acquisition (CPA) refers to the amount of marketing or advertising money spent to convert or acquire leads who click on your site or respond to your call to action (CTA). Put in simpler terms, ask yourself: how much of your marketing budget has to be spent to get a paying customer? To find

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  • use trust signals to boost online conversions

    How to Use Trust Signals to Boost Online Conversions

    There is no building meaningful customer relationships without trust. You want people to regard your brand with confidence. This can be achieved through the way you operate your business, interact with clients, protect their data, and promote your products and services. Ultimately, this trust will help boost online conversions. Trust signals serve as validations from

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  • lead generations strategy

    10 Totally FREE Lead Generation Strategies for B2B Companies

    Leads are some of the most effective means to measure the growth of your business. They can also be a tricky thing to manage. Leads can be generated through various methods, though some are more effective than others depending on the nature of your business. While there are many different lead generation strategies, quality is

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  • b2b lead generation emails

    5 Tips for Writing an Effective B2B Lead Generation Email

    Believe it or not, email is still, by far, one of the most effective ways to generate sales leads. That being said, email is also one of the trickier content marketing channels to master. Send the wrong headline or forget to format correctly and – Bam! You’re hit with an opt-out request. Don’t let your

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  • content marketing research budget set to grow

    B2B Content Marketing Budgets Set to Grow in 2022 [Research]

    As the year is quickly approaching an end, content marketers are scrambling to secure that 2022 budget. Content marketing budgets are expected to grow in 2022 – yay! The problem now is making sure you secure your spot in that growth and apply it effectively. Content marketing saw substantial growth after the pandemic, a slightly

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  • optimize your website

    Optimize Your Website for Lead Generation

    Your website is the window into your company’s services, values and capability. First impressions matter, and in the online world of 2022, your first chance to impress a client will most likely be on your very own website. This is why your website must be optimized to capture and qualify potential leads. Lead generation is

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  • top content marketing influencers

    The Top Content Marketing Influencers to Watch in 2022

    Being a content marketing influencer is no joke. In a world where the amount of stuff online continues to grow exponentially each day, developing content and a marketing strategy that makes your stuff stand out is something to be proud of. In 2022, content marketing will continue to influence marketing and business in a bigger,

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  • How To Change the CEO-CMO Relationship From Rivals to Teammates

    How To Change the CEO-CMO Relationship From Rivals to Teammates

    There’s a perpetual game of tug-of-war going on between CEOs and their CMOs. CEOs want results. CMOs want to deliver results. So, what’s the issue? The most critical role of a CMO, according to CEOs, is to grow the business. CMOs want to deliver ROI and show real proof that what they’re doing works. Image

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  • Outbound VS Inbound Lead Generation: Know the Difference

    To lead or not to lead? This is every marketing expert’s inner thoughts when deciding what strategy to use when trying to generate leads. At the beginning of every lead generation initiative, it’s important to understand the difference between inbound and outbound lead generation. The concepts behind each require different approaches. What you might spend

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