Article by Kelsie Feeney

  • Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

    6 Powerful Methods to Maximize Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)

    How much is a customer worth to you? Predict this number and you know how much it is worth to spend on your customers to keep them around. Customer lifetime value, or CLTV, is one of the most important metrics a business has for making smart decisions. You also know, by raising your CLTV benchmark

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  • Lessons from The Sharing Economy for Traditional Businesses

    The 5 Essential Marketing Lessons From The Sharing Economy

    The sharing economy, simply put, is a new economic model based on a peer-to-peer network system. The concept itself is pretty simple: just strangers sharing everyday goods and services with each other on ye olde internet. With respect to the ongoing “hustle’, consumer-driven businesses within the sharing economy save buyers money, time, and space. Whether

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  • Generating leads by knowing your B2B customer

    5 Signs You Don’t Know Your B2B Customer

    Being an expert on your market or being able to identify target companies is great and all, but these things do little to develop your understanding of your B2B customer… And that’s where real success lives. For a board game like Guess Who, taking a shot in the dark and hoping to arrive at the

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  • Marketing Inside-Out To Build Strong Brand Storytelling

    How to Build Strong Brand Storytelling From the Inside Out

    A strong inside-out marketing strategy begins at home, with your team. As marketers we tend to focus a lot of our time and attention on outside audiences – after all, we’re trying to get people to buy what we’re selling here! With so much focus on outside audiences, there’s often little time left to think

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  • marketing wisdom

    Marketing IS Business: The Wisdom of Peter Drucker

    The timeless wisdom of Peter Drucker is sprinkled throughout the world of management and business. His insightful definitions of marketing and business are quoted quite often – and for good reason! He had a knack for articulating his complex ideas in a way that was elegant and simply put. We reference his influential thinking often

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  • humor in content marketing

    How To Use Humor In Content Marketing

    Using humor as a marketing strategy for your content is one of the most common, and most effective tools used in marketing campaigns around the world. When done correctly and done well, using humor as a marketing strategy generates traffic as well as more shares, clicks, and interactions with your content directly. So, how do

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