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  • content promotion guide

    The Ultimate Guide to Content Promotion

    Creating great content is obviously an important part of any content marketing plan, but your job doesn’t end as soon as you hit the publish button. If that content is going to bring you any benefits, people need to actually read it, and so your content promotion strategy is just as vital as the research

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  • enterprise SEO

    The Content-Driven Guide to Enterprise SEO

    Enterprise SEO is finally getting the attention it deserves. For a long time, the world’s biggest companies kept their ad spends high and stayed somewhat stuck in the Mad-Men era of traditional ad campaigns. Thanks to their already-established huge brand presences, in many cases this continued to work just fine. For a while, anyway. There’s

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  • thought leadership and when to use it

    What Is Thought Leadership? And When You Should Use It?

    Few terms raise the ire of the buzzword police more than thought leadership. But what is thought leadership? When should you consider using it, and how do you balance the talent and experience of your team with the humility and authenticity today’s audiences demand? Let’s start by getting on the same page. What Is Thought

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  • content distribution strategies

    12 Content Distribution Strategies to Make Your Web Traffic Soar

    According to Hubspot, Content Marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing. But it still takes time to produce. And, as they say, time is money. Make every piece of content that you write, photograph, or film count. With more effective content distribution strategies, you can make your web traffic soar to the moon and back.

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  • content audit guide

    The A to Z Guide to Doing a Content Audit

    In 2021, 82% of businesses use content marketing as part of their larger marketing strategy, but only about half feel that their efforts are successful. Why? I would venture to guess that this problem is largely due to the fact that brands focus so much on new content that they forget to assess what they’ve

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  • chart shows the results of 12 months of customer-focused blogging

    How to Plan 12 Months of Customer-Focused Blogging

    Blogging is the fundamental component of your content marketing strategy. My own research has shown that the more blogs you publish, the more visitors you attract, the more leads you can nurture, and the more conversions you will get! Publishing 2 to 4 blog posts per week provides the highest results in terms of both

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  • retention content marketing

    The New Focus on Retention Marketing

    Many brands pour money into attracting customers. But it’s just as important to put effort into keeping these customers. In fact, these days, an increasing number of organizations are discovering it’s more important to focus their attention on retention marketing. I see companies making this mistake time and time again. Incredible deals are offered to “new customers

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  • how to give your writers constructive feedback

    Help Us Help You: How To Give Writers Constructive Feedback

    Developing quality content is crucial to build your brand and attract key audiences, but it’s definitely something easier said than done. Your best bet might be outsourcing your content creation to a team of writers. Since your brand and reputation mean everything as a business, you need to be completely satisfied with your content before

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  • content marketing templates

    The Big Fat Collection of Content Marketing Templates

    Smart content marketers know that great content strikes a balance between fresh and original and tried-and-true. In other words, be creative, but don’t reinvent the wheel every time. Content marketing templates help with this. They provide a solid framework that allows marketers to focus on their unique brand message and value proposition. There are tons

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  • 4 Practical Tips to Get Your Business Ready and Set for 2022

    With the year drawing to a close, business owners – as is their wont – look towards the New Year and the opportunities it may bring. While it’s always tempting to cast a wistful eye back over the previous twelve months, what really matters is the events looming on the horizon: the coming trials, challenges

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