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    How to Attract B2B Buyers with Killer Content

    Content marketing is still booming. According to research from Content Marketing Institute in July 2020, 70% of B2Bs listed content marketing as their number one investment priority for 2021. 37% of B2Bs also admitted that they hadn’t spent any money on paid ads within the past 12 months. Hear that? Nothing! Another 24% said they

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    How to Capture Buyer Intent in B2B Marketing

    Individual users and businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on the internet as a research portal. In 2019, 90% of all U.S. adults (100% of adults under 30) were already using the internet. Compare that to twenty years ago – when only about 50% of adults used the internet. Source: Pew Research The digital era has

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  • 5 Metrics to Measure Content Marketing Performance

    Do you know how your content marketing is performing? Better yet, can you prove it? What about your content marketing ROI? Why are you creating content in the first place? For your content marketing (CM) efforts to be successful, you must have clear goals and effective strategies. Once your plan is in place, you need

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    How to Create Your 2021 Marketing Budget Plan [Step-by-Step Guide]

    If you’re like most companies, you realized in 2020 that annual marketing budget planning doesn’t work anymore. Annual budgets aren’t flexible enough to keep up with your audience’s dynamic behavior. Unsurprisingly, 46% of B2Bs say they’re paying closer attention to their marketing’s direct impact on sales post-pandemic as well. Use this guide to assess your

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  • Do You Need to Choose an SEO Agency in Your Area?

    To get found online and attract audiences, you need an SEO strategy that’s consistent, scalable, and effective. Many businesses turn to an SEO agency for support since this is a complex and ever-changing area of content marketing. When seeking out a partner, you may think a local firm is the best option. However, as we’ve learned during

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    8 Ways Employee Advocacy Can Skyrocket Customer Retention

    Your employees are your most valuable assets. That’s true for the value they bring, the work they do, and the relationships they build. They can also be your most influential fans on social media. When your people do this, it’s called employee advocacy. When they do it well—amplifying the reach of your social media posts

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  • Content Marketing for PR

    How Content Marketing Can Help You Earn Digital PR

    Everyone knows how important PR is for building your brand reputation and attracting new customers. But traditional PR can be time-consuming, expensive, and limited in its reach. Digital PR offers several advantages for the businesses of today, but brand managers often overlook its effectiveness. The good news is that anyone can get started with digital

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    How Long Does It Take for Content Marketing to Work?

    “Does content marketing work? How long does it take to start seeing the results I want?” We get these types of questions a lot. And yes, content marketing works. It can take around six to nine months to start seeing substantial results. Keep in mind that the answer for your business could look very different.

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    How Marketing From Home Will Help Align Marketing and Sales

    Misalignment between your marketing and sales departments can cost your business money, waste valuable B2B content, and cause lead-to-sale conversions to fail. Conversely, aligning your sales and marketing can lead to increased marketing revenue, better close rates, and higher customer retention. Source: SuperOffice Modern marketers have adopted many of the sales team’s past responsibilities. It’s

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  • Website Accessibility: Is Your Website ADA Compliant?

    The internet is a necessary part of everyone’s daily lives – even more so today than ever before. So it needs to be accessible to everyone, including those that are differently-abled. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects disabled people from discrimination and it has released guidelines to help you create a website that is

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