Article by Michael Brenner

  • Video Content Marketing

    Where Should I Post My Video Content?

    A picture speaks a thousand words – but video content marketing attracts and engages users even better. One study found that visitors spend 88% more time on a website with video. If you’re a switched-on marketer, that’s one statistic you cannot afford to ignore. Video has long been touted as one of the biggest things in

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  • Why Too Much Advertising Can Hold Back Business Growth

    We all know that companies advertise their products or services to let potential customers know about their brand and what they have for sale. But, there is such a thing as too much advertising? Call it information overload, the nearsightedness on the part of marketers, or anything else you want, the reality is, people hate

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  • 12 Biggest Content Marketing Challenges in 2020

    Brands face multiple obstacles when organizing the content function. They must grapple with content proliferation; inconsistent and uncoordinated content creation; the lack of strategic direction in the content insights process; and the difficulty for consumers, customers and prospects to find content that is relevant and timely. Great content takes a lot of hard work and

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  • always-on content marketing

    Kill The Marketing Campaign! Why Always-On Content Marketing Works Best

    Campaigns don’t work. Your team or your agency defines a message, you pick a favorite creative approach, and a paid media channel, and hope that it will work? Then, you stop right when you get all the learning because your budget runs out. This is why always-on content marketing wins every time: each piece of

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  • Why CMOs Must Master Empathy Now

    A modern CMO needs a lot more than just marketing skills. In Chapter 4 of Mean People Suck, I explore the problem that many brands are facing these days: Consumers are becoming increasingly turned off by traditional marketing and are abandoning brands that don’t have a mission bigger than trying to sell their products. To

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  • How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

    Do you often look at other people’s blogs and go, “Wow! I wish I could write a blog like that”? Now you don’t have to wonder anymore. I’ve researched and pulled together a blog post template that will not only help you write faster and more effectively, but will help you rank higher in search

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  • content marketing agency thrives

    Why Content Marketing Agencies Thrive During Downturns

    We’ve yet to see the long-term effects of the coronavirus on businesses. Will it result in a global recession? Or just a blip? Only time will tell. However, there’s no denying that we’re currently seeing economic head winds. CEOs and Marketing leaders around the world are asking: should I invest or save marketing costs. Some

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  • B2B CMO Storytelling

    How One B2B CMO Focused Her Company On Storytelling

    If you’re reading this, then I think you probably get the value of brand storytelling. It’s a powerful thing and is often a catalyst for redefining what marketing means to a company. Storytelling has been a pillar of content marketing for some time, but stories aren’t just great for consumer audiences. They work for B2B

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  • content marketing rules

    An Update To Content Marketing Best Practices

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. Nowhere is that truer than in content marketing. Content marketing best practices might change with the winds of technology. But, their basic principles stay the same. I’ve been covering Content Marketing Best Practices for more than 10 years! And one thing has remained constant in

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  • The Strategic Guide to B2B Demand Generation

    Demand generation is a complex tool many marketers use to drive growth. And now, many businesses are looking to double their efforts and build their pipeline in light of the economic picture. This dynamism is the root of demand gen’s power, as well as the seeds of its downfall. When marketers don’t get the whole

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