Article by Michael Brenner

  • Why Pay Influencers When You Can Activate Employees?

    Influencer marketing is a hot topic these days. Businesses around the world, some of them huge, are turning to people on social platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook to tout their products and get their sometimes millions of friends to buy their product or service.  It feels organic, right? Ha! It’s anything but that. Often

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  • Stop Investing in Content and Start Investing in Consistency

    You already know how important it is to publish content that’s both high in quality and sufficient in quantity. A few blog posts here and there isn’t enough – you need to create a significant amount of content for it to have an effect. But quantity isn’t everything. Content consistency is just as important in developing an

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  • Mean People Suck Book Influences

    14 Books That Inspired “Mean People Suck”

    With the launch of Mean People Suck, I thought I would share 14 of the books that inspired Mean People Suck the most. But first, what is Mean People Suck all about? The fact is that most people are unhappy in their careers. And they point their finger at a negative work culture, a mean boss… co-worker…

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  • 24 B2B Lead Generation Strategies To Implement Now

    The beginning of the final quarter of the year always signals a reevaluation of old strategies and the hunt for newer ones to stay competitive in your industry. Driven by a host of emerging technologies and an influx of new insights, consumer behavior continues to evolve at breakneck speeds. Understandably, B2B marketers are hard-pressed to

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  • Employee Advocacy on Social Media: How to Make It Work for Your Business

    Employee advocacy is the new influencer marketing. By activating your employees to be passionate about their work and your company, you can grow them into your most dedicated and authentic brand ambassadors, which boosts your brand reputation and attracts new talent. Employee advocacy on social media is essentially the promotion of your brand, products, services,

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  • growth hacking content marketing

    How To Growth Hack Your Content Marketing

    “Growth hacking” is one of those buzzwords that’s started popping up in digital marketing circles over the last few years. But what exactly is growth hacking and how can you use it to benefit your content marketing efforts? The clue is in the name – growth hacking is all about growing your business rapidly with

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  • What Is Smart Content And How Can It Work For You?

    Digital marketing is a fast-paced industry and one that seems to attract lots of buzzwords. Sometimes it can feel like you’re speaking a different language when you’re talking to your content marketing agency! “Smart content” is one of those terms that has popped up in the last few years. There’s definitely a lot of excitement

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  • best sales tools

    The 6 Best Sales Tools for Boosting Your Revenue

    Sales teams are all about efficiency. The faster they can get from contact to contract, the better. Sometimes, increasing sales velocity means investing in training. Other times, it requires reconfiguring team roles. But the easiest way for most teams to convert more leads is simply to get better tools. From saving time to improving engagement,

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  • marketing psychology

    6 Ways to Win the Marketing Game with Psychology

    What do you think is the key to successful marketing? Many would say it comes down to understanding your audience. This is certainly true, but once you’ve gathered intelligence on your audience, what do you do with that information? In its essence, successful marketing boils down to understanding the mind of your customer and using

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  • How to Develop Your Own Content Marketing Roadmap

    Think of content marketing as a journey. Like any journey, you need to know the destination. When you have a content marketing roadmap in hand, though, you can focus on where you want to go and the best way to get there. As Forbes’ Brian Sutter puts it, “It’s really hard to hit a target when you don’t

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