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  • maximize content reach

    7 Ways To Maximize Your Content Reach

    There are many parts to the puzzle of content marketing. Of course, it’s vital to research your audience and create high quality, relevant content. But it’s also important not to forget about your content reach. Your job is not done once you’ve created and published a piece of content. You need to promote that content

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  • 11 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Content Creation

    If you want to dip your toes in content marketing but don’t have the time or expertise to create your own content, outsourcing your content creation is an easy and effective way to reap the benefits without all the work. In fact, content marketing can be greatly profitable: CMI reports that over 70% of brands

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  • Nutanix The Forecast Wins Content Marketing Awards

    Nutanix Content Hub ‘The Forecast’ Wins Awards On Massive Growth

    I hear it all the time: there’s so much noise out there. How could we ever break through? And yet there are some amazing examples of businesses that are achieving massive growth in new website visitors through consistent editorial content and strategic thought leadership. Quality news, information, and stories will always attract an audience. Even

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  • content marketing strategy and execution talk

    Content Marketing Strategy vs. Execution: Finding the Ideal Balance

    Content marketing is a contact sport. Just like any coach, you’re in charge of preparing for the game and carrying out those plans. Such is the life of a content marketer, where you must balance content marketing strategy vs. execution. You can’t “win” at content marketing without a solid strategy. Nor can you do so without the

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  • martech tools

    How Using the Right MarTech Tools Can Help Drive Sales

    Marketers today all struggle with the challenge to show ROI. That’s why technology has become a given for the modern marketer. MarTech tools can automate, optimize, and analyze your marketing programs like never before. The MarTech landscape is growing as more organizations realize the value of marketing technology, but what tools are the most important

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  • woman planning content for the year

    How to Plan Your Blog Content Calendar for the Entire Year

    Ideas! Ideas! We need more ideas. If you have been tasked with planning out your company’s content calendar for the entire year. You need to make sure it includes the themes defined in your content marketing strategy, as well as a variety of different types of content. This can be daunting, even for a seasoned

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  • The Complete Guide to Audience Research, Segmentation, and Targeting

    How well do you know your audience? Audience research is a critical part of developing any marketing strategy but it’s not always given the time and attention it really needs. According to a survey of 1,600 marketers, a shocking 65% never or rarely conduct audience research. But why is audience research so important? The same study

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  • marketing budget

    This Amount Is All The Marketing Budget You Need

    Are you feeling pressure on your marketing budget? If you think you can’t stretch your dollars to meet all your marketing needs, you may actually need better allocation, not more money. The objective of marketing is to attract, engage, convert, and retain customers. And we have found that most small to midsize organizations can do

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  • retention content marketing

    The New Focus on Retention Marketing

    Many brands pour money into attracting customers. But it’s just as important to put effort into keeping these customers. In fact, these days, an increasing number of organizations are discovering it’s more important to focus their attention on retention marketing. I see companies making this mistake time and time again. Incredible deals are offered to “new customers

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  • why content marketing is better than PPC

    Why Content Marketing Can Deliver Better ROI Than Paid Search

    There are so many directions in which you can take your marketing strategy these days, it can make you dizzy. SEO, PPC, email, social… the list goes on! Of course, most brands will choose a combination of several of these methods. But I’m going to explain exactly why I think content marketing is better than

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