Article by Sophie Brenner

  • 16 on a door to show 16 demand gen content formats

    16 Demand Generating Content Formats That Aren’t a PDF

    PDFs have their place. They’re easy to download, send, design, and skim. Over the years, they’ve become the unofficial default for many marketers, but times are a changing. When it comes to building buzz, holding attention, and reaching new markets, PDFs can fall a little flat. The good news is, there are lots of other

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  • Person Using Tools

    Essential Tips and Tools for Researching Your Next Content Campaign

    Coming up with a steady stream of ideas is par for the course for content and demand gen marketers. Not every idea is necessarily perfectly aligned, or can be followed up on. However, what makes a strong piece of content stand out from the others is almost always the research behind it. Smart marketers always do

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  • Guy wondering about content enabled campaign

    What Is a Content-Enabled Campaign?

    Ever heard of a content-enabled campaign? Content-enabled campaigns refer to a series of strategies that align content and demand generation in order to create a dialogue with your audience. They help deliver content based on buyer needs and interests that encourage progression through the funnel, all while gathering better data to score, nurture, and qualify

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  • Person Designing

    6 Common Design Mistakes to Avoid as Marketers

    Marketers are frequently finding novel solutions for ways to advertise events, products, and services. Most of the solutions involve design – banner ads, white papers, posters, infographics, email banners, web pages, among others. Most of the time these solutions are exactly what a marketing campaign needs, but sometimes design is placed on the back burner

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  • man arguing with his girlfriend over content vs campaign

    Which Came First: The Content or the Campaign?

    “Which came first: The content or the campaign?” doesn’t always evoke a simple, black and white answer – even though it might sound fairly easy to answer on the surface. Here’s why: Content creation teams and Demand Gen teams do, indeed, often work within the same marketing departments. However, Demand Gen is focused on campaigns,

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  • happy office worker for her awesome content

    6 Tips To Creating Awesome Content

    We spend all our time creating content – whether written, spoken, or drawn – with the goal that people will notice it and appreciate it. We also spend all our time trying different methods to accomplish that goal – utilizing or ignoring metrics, employing growth hacks, or staying away from them. But let’s just take

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