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How Connected TV Advertising Can Transform Your Marketing Strategy

How Connected TV Advertising Can Transform Your Marketing Strategy

June 17, 2024
4 min read

Many individuals in today’s society have become accustomed to getting everything on-demand. This includes TV shows, live broadcasts, movies, and other similar types of entertainment. Gone are the days when consumers were trapped by the limits of pre-programmed, linear TV. Now, streaming has allowed households to cut out cable—or never connect with it at all.

But just how popular is streaming? As of 2022, streaming finally became more popular than broadcast and cable TV viewing. That means it’s the perfect time to integrate connected TV advertising into your company’s broader marketing strategy.

A New Way to Consume TV Content and Advertisements

Connected TV (CTV) refers to over-the-top (OTT) content delivered through devices like smart TVs and game consoles. CTV quenches the thirst for instant, consumable content available on the viewer’s terms. Whether it’s a hit Netflix series or an exclusive YouTube TV documentary, OTT content is available on demand.

In exchange for watching streaming content at their leisure, CTV consumers accept that they’re going to be greeted by ads. Unlike linear TV ads, the bulk of CTV advertising can’t be bypassed. In other words, there’s no traditional “channel surfing” involved. When all ads have been presented, the OTT content resumes.

From a marketing standpoint, CTV advertising offers benefits that make it an attractive addition to any brand’s marketing approach. Understanding those benefits will help you determine how best to leverage CTV advertising’s power to invigorate your marketing results.

Interact Successfully With Individuals Across Multiple Channels

CTV advertising is natively digital, which enables you to obtain data-rich insights about your advertisements and viewers. You can overlay the incoming data you gather with your own first-party data to find targeted ways to interact with consumers. And you can do it in a way that aligns with the modern consumer habit of using multiple digital devices to enjoy content.

By making use of available CTV and other data, you can improve your performance and outcomes by delivering customized CTV ads across a variety of channels. Wherever consumers go, they’ll be encouraged to interact with your messaging in a personalized way. It’s your opportunity to showcase your advantages and improve your sales, even as they move from device to device and platform to platform.

Essentially, you have the chance to gain visibility and with audiences through carefully curated touchpoints backed by data. For instance, let’s say you’re a law firm that tracks your website visitor traffic regularly. Data-informed legal marketing company PMP Marketing Group highlights that first-party data can be used to retarget relevant CTV advertisements to visitors who have previously visited your site.

As consumers experience your OTT content on different devices, they’re reintroduced to your brand. This allows for seamless, consistent brand exposure for your firm, ultimately promoting recognition and responses.

Develop Stronger and More Reliable Attribution Models

CTV advertising can help with your attribution efforts as well. After all, it can be challenging to accurately attribute purchases, or other user activities, to individual marketing touchpoints. CTV advertising makes attribution somewhat simpler because you can capture so much data.

To understand how CTV attribution can work, picture a digital app company that’s trying to figure out where to put their marketing resources. As noted by mobile analytics company Adjust, if the app company invested in CTV advertising, its marketers could determine how many users installed their software within a certain amount of minutes after viewing an advertisement. With this attribution information, the company could adjust its CTV advertising placements to predictably replicate the same effect.

Make no mistake: Being more confident about your attribution calculations will give you a huge leg up over your competition. Rather than wondering which of your marketing tactics is working best, you’ll be able to understand which deserve more funding and which can be scaled back.

Stretch Your Department’s Advertising Spend

Another upside to CTV advertising is that it tends to be more economical than linear TV advertising. As a result, it’s both affordable for and accessible to smaller and mid-sized companies. Even if you’re operating with a shoestring startup marketing budget, you don’t have to assume that CTV advertising is out of your reach.

What attributes make CTV advertising so fiscally friendly? For one, there’s a lot of diverse inventory floating around in the CTV ecosystem. Remember that with linear TV advertising, there are only so many spots available. CTV advertising is much different and the pool of available spots is enormous.

Another factor impacting the lower cost of CTV advertising is that you can set your bid if you purchase through an auction-style marketplace. Much like the way you can set an upper bid limit for online search engine advertisements, you have the ability to control your financial outlay when bidding for CTV placements. You also can make changes to your programmatic bid buys as needed to stay within budget.

Embrace Your Team’s Creative Side With CTV Advertising

If you’ve felt like your marketing creative has gone a little stale or feels somewhat formulaic, CTV advertising can offer a chance to step outside the conventional video advertising box. Because CTV advertising occurs through smart devices, it opens the door to enhanced viewer engagement and participation through innovative content.

As an example, you could design a CTV advertising video that incorporates a quiz, fun game, or even add a scannable QR code. These strategies prompt viewers to take action as well as interact with your brand.

Once you begin to play around with CTV advertising content like pre-roll ads, mid-roll ads, post-roll ads, banner ads, interactive ads, etc., you’ll find new creative avenues to tell your brand story. It’s important to track your metrics and test each type of advertisement to see which performs best for each of your target audiences. That way, you can repeat your wins.

If you’ve been looking for a way to revitalize and future-proof your marketing strategy without overloading your budget, try CTV advertising. It’ll get you in front of target audiences with precision and efficiency, all the while rewarding you with a wealth of valuable data.

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