The 6 Best Sales Tools for Boosting Your Revenue

By on October 2nd, 2019
best sales tools

Sales teams are all about efficiency. The faster they can get from contact to contract, the better. Sometimes, increasing sales velocity means investing in training. Other times, it requires reconfiguring team roles. But the easiest way for most teams to convert more leads is simply to get better tools. From saving time to improving engagement, the following companies showed up in the top of my own search for sales tools…

6 Ways to Win the Marketing Game with Psychology

By on October 1st, 2019
marketing psychology

What do you think is the key to successful marketing? Many would say it comes down to understanding your audience. This is certainly true, but once you’ve gathered intelligence on your audience, what do you do with that information? In its essence, successful marketing boils down to understanding the mind of your customer and using psychology to influence them to perform the desired action. Smart marketers use psychology in a…

How to Develop Your Own Content Marketing Roadmap

By on September 30th, 2019

Think of content marketing as a journey. Like any journey, you need to know the destination. When you have a content marketing roadmap in hand, though, you can focus on where you want to go and the best way to get there. As Forbes’ Brian Sutter puts it, “It’s really hard to hit a target when you don’t know what the target is.” But as he points out, there are quite a few…

Exploring Manufacturing Audiences: Real-Time, Custom Content Consumption Insights

By on September 26th, 2019

Gaining actionable insights into what your buyers are doing and how you can create a strategy that engages them doesn’t have to break your budget. In fact, these insights are free if you know where to look. The Audience Explorer tool we've been using for the past 3 weeks is a no-cost, interactive search tool for B2B content marketers to discover real-time consumption insights on custom audiences. Moving onto Part…

How Branding Can Determine the Success of Your Marketing

By on September 25th, 2019

If you’ve just begun working with a marketing agency, you’re probably excited…and a bit nervous. You’re eagerly anticipating the return on this new investment. You probably feel like the sooner your agency acts with marketing tactics like emails, blogs, and content offers, the sooner the marketing ROI will roll in. Even though you’re keen to see your agency put a strategy in place and begin implementing it with tactics, we…