4 Resources to Learn About Brand Awareness And Effective Marketing

4 Resources to Learn About Brand Awareness And Effective Marketing

March 14, 2022
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Does corporate success drive more recognition of your brand? In today’s digital world, the answer might not be so clear-cut. Certainly, your product or service can help boost brand awareness and branding power. Yet you also need to put resources into introducing your brand to consumers to grab their attention—and encourage them to purchase. In other words, you need to concentrate some of your marketing efforts on pure brand awareness.

Of course, constructing an easily identifiable brand requires significant planning. If your messaging and audience engagement isn’t aligned across all touchpoints, you risk watering down your brand’s memorability. In that case, you could end up missing out on some of the top branding benefits like increased revenue of up to 23% or rock-solid loyalty, as noted by SmallBizGenius research.

Educate Yourself on Brand Awareness and Effective Marketing Tactics

To avoid branding blunders and missteps, you need a tight brand awareness game plan fueled by innovative thinking. Not sure that you have the latest inspiration and insights you need to guide your branding strategy? Spend some time with the following books. Each one delivers a unique, expert-level perspective on constructing and delivering a mature, well-considered brand.

1. Darshan Mehta — Getting to Aha!

As a leader, you have the opportunity to design your brand from the ground up. Nevertheless, you can’t afford to overlook the usefulness of customer information and feedback when it comes to advertising your brand effectively.

In Getting to Aha!, entrepreneur and founder of iResearch Darshan Mehta walks readers through the process of collecting and using consumer wisdom to shape their brand interactions. Mehta relies heavily on his background as an online focus group pioneer. He shares proven tips to leverage technology so you can understand what people need to see and hear to feel confident in your brand.

If your branding hasn’t been as successful as you like, you’ll appreciate discovering Mehta’s philosophies in Getting to Aha! Be certain to jot down the brand-building suggestions you feel would be most relevant for your team to try this quarter.

2. Erik Huberman – The Hawke Method

The Hawke Method stands out among the latest books about marketing for its applicability no matter what size or stage your company may be in. Author Erik Huberman talks extensively about his expertise in helping scale businesses through consistent campaigns that fuel brand awareness, nurture prospects and leads, and cultivate trust.

The difference between The Hawke Method and other branding books is Huberman’s ability to illustrate why his theories work through anecdotal case studies. You’ll understand not only how to recreate his branding recommendations but be able to tell your team—and boss—why they’re apt to work.

Hands down, one of the most reliable ways to become a stronger marketer is to emulate what’s panned out for others. Don’t be surprised if this book becomes the dog-eared roadmap that allows you to unlock the door to developing a more financially successful brand.

3. Dave Gerhardt — Founder Brand

By now, you’ve heard the same thing over and over: Think of yourself as a storyteller instead of a marketer. However, whipping up a compelling, authentic origin story isn’t as easy as it sounds. Unless you’re Dave Gerhardt, that is.

Gerhardt’s reputation as a world-class brand builder has earned him invitations to speak at Harvard Business School. You don’t have to travel to an Ivy League campus to get an education in storytelling, though. Just grab a copy of Founder Brand. Throughout the chapters, Gerhardt explains how to understand, tell, and use your corporate story as a branding advantage.

Even if you’ve already spent energy crafting a brand story, sit down with this work. After all, you may not be stretching it as far as it can go. Often, business leaders become so accustomed to their company’s legacy story that they neglect to use it throughout their marketing content and plans. Unless you’re 100% sure you’re getting the most branding mileage out of your organization’s story, get familiar with Founder Brand.

4. Michael Evamy — Logotype

Today’s consumer is so inundated with icons that it can be hard for your brand logo to stand out. In fact, some logos look so similar that they cause brand confusion among competing businesses.

Though it might not be time to refresh your corporate logo, you might want to understand more about the design and branding aspects of logos. That’s where having Logotype can be an asset. Penned by Michael Evamy for designers, the book is accessible as a reference for non-designers, too. You don’t have to read it from front to back to get a wealth of information on why certain logos stand out above others.

Remember: Part of your company’s brand awareness lies in your corporate recognizability. An exceptional logo can help you connect faster with audiences, enabling you to get to first (and successive) conversions faster.

Despite shifts in their buying behaviors, customers still tend to prefer brands they know over ones that are unfamiliar. Consequently, the more commonplace your brand messaging, story, and imagery becomes, the closer you’ll get to establishing a cadre of devoted, eager fans.

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