How To Build a B2B Content Marketing Strategy

By on March 15th, 2022
b2b content marketing strategy

Making the initial connection with prospective customers used to be the responsibility of sales reps. Today, in a digital landscape where most users are doing their brand research online, your company’s content does much of the engagement work that once fell under your sales team. That’s why a strong B2B content marketing strategy is essential for B2B business growth. In this article, we’ll cover the steps to building a B2B…

How to Develop a Beautiful Blog Marketing Strategy

By on March 14th, 2022
beautiful canyon to show blog marketing strategy

Blogging may have once (in a long-ago time called the ‘90s) been a fun way for people to share their thoughts on the internet, but today it’s an essential part of doing business. Companies with a strong blog marketing strategy are more visible to their target audiences, establish better brand authority in their industries, and ultimately earn more revenue. That’s right — companies with blogs make more money by earning…

How Many Words Should a Blog Post Be?

By on March 9th, 2022

The research is clear: In general, blogs post should be more than 1,000 words. And the longer your post, the more likely it is to rank higher in Google searches. Of course, blog articles should only be as long as they need to be. Some posts can get their message across in 300 words. And many people argue that no one is reading anything online that takes more than a…

6 Examples of Genius Brand Storytelling You Have to See

By on March 8th, 2022

If you haven't figured out how to tell your brand's story well, you’re missing out on the huge revenue-boosting potential of your content marketing strategy. The right brand narrative has the power to increase the value of your business’s product or service by over 20 times. Why does the story matter? It is what makes your brand significant. It’s the inspiring copy, the well-thought-out Instagram posts and website design, and…

The ROI of Blogging

By on March 8th, 2022
blogging roi

Blogging emerged in the 90s as a fun way for people to share their thoughts, document their lives, and build community on what was then a brand new medium — the internet. Today, blogs are used by millions of companies of all sizes to drive traffic to their websites, establish their brand expertise, and grow their revenue. The blog ROI your company earns can make a serious impact on your…

8 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog from Social Media

By on March 7th, 2022
drive blog traffic

Your target audience — no matter who it includes — is on social media. The numbers speak for themselves: The average adult in the United States is active on 7 social media accounts 70% of social media users check their accounts every day More than half of social media users use their accounts to research products 90% of people buy from brands they follow on social media If you’re not…

10 Types of Online Forms (and How to Use Them)

By on March 3rd, 2022
online forms

The use of online forms has been getting a bit of a bad rap lately, but truth be told, online forms are still the easiest way to collect user information and make premium content exclusive. In one way or another, every website utilizes forms, whether it’s to capture lead data, gate premium content, or to facilitate event registration. The reason form design is so important is because it can make…

How to Build a Content Marketing Manager Job Description

By on March 2nd, 2022

The role of content marketing manager barely existed ten years ago, but today it’s one of the fastest-growing roles in marketing and one that companies in every industry and size are looking to hire. The thing is, it can look pretty different depending on the company. That’s why content marketing manager job descriptions are so important. Research by Indeed found that more than half of all job seekers said job…

My Prediction for The State of Content Marketing 2022

By on March 1st, 2022

Every year, Semruush releases their state of content marketing report. After downloading a copy, I am happy to report that the state of content marketing is strong. One proof point: 47% of companies plan to grow their content teams in 2022. And the main takeaway is one that serves as the foundation for our own firm’s existence: According to the report, the solution to an effective content marketing program lies…

9 Reasons Why People Read Blog Posts

By on February 28th, 2022

There’s been a fair amount of worry recently that blogging is on its way out. Even blogging guru brand HubSpot found in their research that 40% of people reported not reading blogs at all. Yikes! Does that mean we’re losing the central component of our content marketing strategies? Is blogging going to be dead? Let me put your mind at ease: no — blogging isn’t going anywhere. At least not…