5 Ways To Create Lasting Connections in Your Virtual Event

By on April 19th, 2021

Networking is one of the main points of attraction for the majority of events, and it is often an event element that creates lasting memories for attendees. Over time, attendees may forget specific details of the sessions they attended at an event, but they will continue to cherish the connections they made and the relationships they began building. This is why event organizers should make networking a top priority when…

7 Tips for Creating Sponsorship Packages for Virtual Events

By on January 12th, 2021

Event sponsorship is one of the most effective ways of monetizing events and delivering marketing ROI. However, when it comes to virtual event sponsorship, additional considerations are needed to create packages that can be used to attract the best sponsors. Marketers need to gain a holistic view of the entire virtual event experience to identify promising opportunities. As a virtual event platform provider, we are seeing marketers introduce some top-notch…

Executive Insights: Leveraging the Power of Webinars for Virtual Learning

By on January 5th, 2021

We have certainly all had our fair share of virtual events during the current global COVID19 pandemic. Whether it is Zoom meetings or physical events pushed on-line via webinars and virtual events, this element of digital transformation has become ubiquitous. It is easy to forget that webinars have been around for less than 25 years – the Internet and the World Wide Web created the technology and the venue for…

Optimizing Event Planning: 7 Ways Event Technology Eases The Process

By on December 10th, 2020

Whether virtual or in-person, event planning is a painstaking process. Planners oversee countless details and put in place many event aspects to ensure that events turn out great. Oftentimes, however, they encounter challenges. These challenges are not because the team lacks requisite skills and experience but because many planners still use traditional methods which can be quite out-of-date, which can lead to missing important details that might have significant implications…

Exploring Virtual Event Content Types & Best Practices

By on November 9th, 2020
Virtual event marketing

Content is the rallying point of every great event, and a top-notch assembly of great content and presenters is essential to delivering and amplifying the core message of your event. However, putting together great content for sessions at your event won’t come easily. It will require understanding the needs of the audience and curating a message that resonates with those needs. It will also require thinking about different content types,…

Post-Event Follow-Up: Tips for Nurturing Virtual Event Leads

By on October 28th, 2020

Hosting attendees at your virtual event takes hard work, and crafting a memorable event experience takes top-notch planning and logistics. But when it comes to ensuring maximum ROI for your event, what you do after is what matters most. If you fail in your follow-up strategy, your competitors who offer similar products or services might be the ones to benefit from your hard work Therefore, you have to continue to…

Virtual Events & Webinars: What Are The Key Differences?

By on September 17th, 2020
virtual events and webinars

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and in-person events were canceled, virtual events and webinars came to the rescue. While online events were held before the pandemic, the current situation has made them more popular. This trend will continue even beyond the pandemic because the benefits of hosting events online have now become more obvious than ever. When contemplating hosting an online event, the question might come up as to whether…

How to Create Exhibitor & Sponsor Value In Virtual or Hybrid Events

By on August 17th, 2020
Virtual event marketing

The value of your event revolves around creating an organic environment (virtual or hybrid) where exhibitors and sponsors can meet prospective clients, and attendees can find insights, discover opportunities, build relationships, and acquire solutions for their businesses. To make this happen, you have to create immersive learning experiences, fun activities, and networking opportunities for online attendees. In doing this, you’ll also create avenues for your exhibitors and sponsors to pass…

Beyond COVID-19: 10 Benefits of Hybrid & Virtual Events

By on July 15th, 2020
virtual event marketing

If there is any positive trend the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the events industry, it is the adoption of virtual event platforms as a viable alternative to in-person events. This adoption has helped many event organizers to prevent event cancellation, thereby minimizing their revenue loss. They have also been able to retain and engage their audiences through the use of virtual platforms. But in a pandemic-free world, are there…

How One Event Company Transformed in the Face of COVID-19

By on June 29th, 2020

Events like exhibitions and summits play an important role in connecting businesses with their customers as well as providing a platform for people to learn, share and gain new connections. With the ongoing pandemic and social distancing rules in place, the event industry has been hit hard. Physical events are being postponed and cancelled and people that looked to this channel as a source for meeting valuable connections and gaining…