How to Track the Elusive B2B Influencer

By on January 29th, 2019

A year or so ago, MarketingProfs ran an article about influencer marketing which contained an interesting footnote: while 55% of B2C marketers were running an influencer program, the number on the B2B side was only 15%. With so many B2B products being consideration-heavy purchases, requiring the buy-in of a range of people within an organization, B2B marketers could be making better use of Influencer partnerships to get their products on…

4 Influencer Marketing Trends to Rock 2020

By on January 24th, 2019
influencer marketing trends

Influencers have been all the buzz as of late, but who are they? Are they celebrities? Do they come from some political background? Well, no! In short, anyone with a decent following on any social platform can be an influencer. Companies are paying these self-made people to endorse their brands, commissioning collaborations that help them attract new followings. Want to jump into the world of Influencer Marketing? These are the Influencer…

The Rise and Fall of the Social Media Influencer

By on January 17th, 2019

Last year, NYMAG and The Guardian proclaimed social media influencers the idols of millennials and the main hope of marketing. According to these sources, only the lazy didn’t work with at least one social media influencer and many companies had an entire stable of them. But, today, the blush might be off the apple. What happened? Quick Takeaways: The rapid rise of social platforms like Instagram gave early adopters the…