Better Content. Better Results.

Scale your content marketing with an affordable package of weekly content that gets results.

Are you publishing content but not seeing results?

Do you struggle to identify and create the best content?

In order to compete and win in today’s competitive markets, you need to create consistent content using the keywords your audience uses, creating content that will engage them, so you can build the trust that leads to sales, retention and a happy boss.

Companies that blog more frequently get more traffic, leads and sales. Moving from once a month to once a week to more than once a week provides exponential ROI.

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And you don’t have to spend your entire marketing budget to get these results!

Our Content Builder Service provides you with 2-4 (or more) articles every single week, for less than the price of one ad in a popular magazine, or a booth at your favorite industry trade show.

We research your business, your audience, and your competition. And then provide you with 100, 200 or more content ideas.

Once approved, you can sit back and watch the expert content get published on your site. We can even help you measure the increase in traffic and conversions so you can start to show that success to your boss, the sales team, or your peers in marketing.

Benefits / What You Get

With Content Builder, your customers get:

  • The targeted, original, expert-level content that they are looking for

Your organization gets:

  • Custom content packages designed to reach, engage, and convert more customers.
  • High-quality, original content written by experts to help you rank for the keywords your audience is using.
  • The results you need for a fraction of the cost of hiring writers and agencies.

As a marketer, you get:

  • Confidence knowing you partnered with the industry-leading expert on content marketing
  • No risk – cancel if you are not happy
  • More time and money to spend on your strategic priorities

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How It Works

  • Schedule – Free 15-minute consultation with Michael to discuss needs
  • Strategize – Meet with our team to plan your content schedule
  • Start – you will receive content regularly to review and publish

Simple Pricing

You GetPriceOptional Content Workshop Add-On
(25K value)
50-100 Blogs (1-2 per week)25K15K
100-200 Blogs (3-4 per week)50K10K

*volume depends on the number of client revisions and interviews if needed

*if you aren’t happy, just give us 30 days notice for cancellation


“Michael knows more about content marketing than anyone. In short order, his strategy delivered $100 million in sales pipeline. His insights changed everything. If you need one partner this year to completely reposition your marketing machine, it’s Michael”

~ Bill Rozier, VP Marketing, Ciena


“Michael demonstrates not only a mastery for marketing strategy, but also the ability to present in way that is open, inviting to questions, engaging, and thorough. In fact, our latest livestream collaboration aligned with a sharp 300% increase in viewership and engagement across all our social channels. Michael is a joy to work with and I look forward to many collaborations in the future!”

~ Lisa Marcyes, Director of Social Media at Oracle, and former Head of Social at Marketo

“When it comes to crafting a business content strategy, there’s no better trusted advisor than Michael Brenner. I have followed Michael’s work since his days at SAP, where he pioneered content marketing for B2B practitioners. He has a knack for helping people and businesses crystalize the knowledge they have then share it with the world to create a competitive advantage.”

~ Ken Kaplan, (former) Managing Editor Intel IQ / Managing Editor, Nutanix

“We asked Michael Brenner to help get our team on board with a consistent Content Marketing strategy. Michael delivered in spades! The breadth and depth of coverage were just right, the degree to which he tailored the material to our situation was perfect and his delivery style made the day fly by. Almost all of the 30+ attendees came up to me afterwards to say how valuable the session was, how many practical things they took out of it that they could use, and how much they enjoyed it. I would highly recommend Michael for anyone who needs to raise the bar on their content marketing.”

~ Bob Meindl, Head of Digital Marketing, Cisco

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