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10 Proofreading Tools To Make Your Blog Posts Shareable

10 Proofreading Tools To Make Your Blog Posts Shareable

July 26, 2016
3 min read

The lifeblood of any social media campaign is ‘shares’ from your followers. You want word of your business to spread far and wide, raising awareness and hopefully sales. However, a successful campaign needs more than just a hyperlink and a pretty image. Write the right post, and the customers will come flocking. These tools will help you write the perfect blog post every time.

1. Proofread Bot


Need a quick way to check your posts for errors before posting? Paste it into Proofread Bot, and it can pick up on any issues before you make your blog post live. Correct anything that’s highlighted by the bot, and you’re good to go. When you need to work fast, this is the best way to check your work.

2. Fiverr

Want to hire in proofreaders to check your blogs for you? Fiverr is a great resource for finding talented proofreaders who can polish up your posts. It’s great for newer businesses too, thanks to the great prices their services are offered for. When you need to outsource, but you’re on a budget, this site is just what you need.

3. Boom Essays

Looking to outsource? Custom writing service Boom Essays offers highly qualified writers who can make engaging blog posts with the information you give them. Let them create the posts your customers will love, while you create the products they want. Blogging can be highly time consuming, so this service can be invaluable when you’re needed elsewhere in your business.

4. Proofreading Tips and Techniques


If you’re looking for a quick refresher course on your proofreading techniques, or you want to learn the best way to start proofreading your blog posts, this is a great resource. It includes useful, implementable tips that you can keep in mind while writing. Follow the advice given and you’ll never go far wrong in your work.

5. Quill

Feel that your proofreading skills need some help? The best way to improve any skill is to practice using it, and Quill offers you the chance to try your hand at editing their own example texts. Trying out your skills on their work is risk free, as you’re editing text that you don’t need to worry about posting. Simply make the corrections you feel a necessary, and the site will tell you where you went right, what you missed, and where you could use some help. Before long you’ll have the skills to edit anything that comes your way.

6. EssayRoo

Don’t have the time to edit yourself? Money spent on experienced editors is an investment that you’ll never regret. Send in your blog posts to the writers at Australian assignment help site EssayRoo, and they’ll turn them into well edited, highly polished posts. Never worry about unspotted errors in your blog posts again.

7. Proofreading Power

If you feel that your proofreading skills could use some expert intervention, a course could be the answer. This course will introduce you to the basics of proofreading, give you plenty of practice at correcting errors in writing, and most importantly give you the confidence to correct your own writing. Investment in your own skills is an investment in your business.

8. Slick Write

Slick Write is great for giving you an almost instant overview of how your blog post will read to other people. Paste it into the window, and all the issues with the writing will be underline with color coded lines, to show you what the issues are and how to fix them. There’s almost no quicker way to check a blog post before you send it live.

9. Web Done Write

Web Done Write is an editing service that offers a personalized service to its clients, meaning they get to know the businesses they write and proofread for closely. Because of this, they know just what your blog posts need to do to bring in customers, and they can advise you on the best techniques to make that happen. If you’re looking to create a closer relationship with your proofreaders, this site can be one of the best to get acquainted with.

10. Ginger Software

Want all of your proofreading tools in the same place as your writing application? Ginger Software can make that happen for you. Download the app and start writing. As you type, live corrections will be made for you, making editing an absolute breeze. Plus, it offers several handy features such as a reader, that reads your work aloud back to you, and a sentence rephrase tool that will help you find ways to reword your most used phrases. As a writer, this tool can be invaluable.

Now that you have these tools at your disposal, you can create blog posts that have the ability to capture your readers’ imaginations, and hopefully their wallets too! Go forth and create the runaway success blogs that other businesses can only dream of.

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