18 Tweetable Moments From Content Marketing World 2012

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I have finally caught up on my sleep and regained my strength from the intense and information-packed Content Marketing World 2012 in Columbus, OH. Now that I have enough energy to write again, here are my top takeaways from the conference as well as my top “tweetable moments” from #CMWorld.

For me the biggest takeaway of Content Marketing World 2012 is that we are still answering the “why content marketing” and “what is content strategy” question. We saw similar things with social media with people asking “what’s the ROI of social?” The difference is that content marketing is so core to the entire business.

Effective Content Marketing requires an entire cultural shift within the minds of each employee of a company. And as you can see from some of the tweets below, we also need to define the options for an effective content marketing team structure.

My content marketing call-to-action for marketers and business people is to look at how to implement a solid, company-wide change in mindset from a product-focus to a customer-based solution-focus. We have to see our expertise, knowledge and the ability to tell engaging stories as our “product.”

Here is also a snapshot of the poster I received as “finalist” for Content Marketing Visionary and a picture of me with the so well-deserved category winner and “Content Marketer of the Year” Joe Chernov.

Let me know which were your favorite moments in the comments below and follow the conversation on Twitter,  LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+.

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  • Joe Pulizzi

    Michael…so great meeting you in person. Can’t thank you enough for all your support.

    My biggest moment: seeing 1,000 people gather together around an incredible passion that is serving our customers better. You could just feel like something special was going on. After meeting almost everyone at the event, I feel really good about this industry.

    • Michael Brenner

      Thanks Joe, I couldn’t agree more. That really IS the big takeaway: content marketing is not just alive, it is booming! Great meeting you and looking forward to seeing you in Boston in a few weeks.

  • Hunter Boyle

    Thanks for the great list, Michael. What a show.

    Totally agree with the “Either you rock or you suck” idea from Ann Handley’s session. A few other ones that really stood out for me were:

    * CC Chapman’s “What is unique about you?” and “Think Visually”
    * Brian Clark & Sonia Simone on the need to “Engage Influencers and your Second Customers”
    * Jeff Rohrs on the true impact of email and its evolution with mobile

    There were too many good sessions to keep up with, so these are just a few among hundreds, but they’re top of mind right now.

    And you have to give some serious props to Jack Hannah. Animals aside, his storytelling, genuine persona and sense of humor were a perfect example of how to connect with people by being REAL.

    Cheers — Hunter

  • Michael Brenner

    Thanks Hunter, great additions and excellent point about Jack Hannah! I thought Rick Springfield rocked it out too!

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