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20 Handy B2B Lead Generation Resources

20 Handy B2B Lead Generation Resources

August 10, 2022
6 min read

The Internet is chock-full of B2B lead generation resources crafted by marketing experts, business owners, and other specialists.

A quick Google search can bring you to several tips, infographics, case studies and presentations that can help you improve your current B2B lead generation campaigns.

Here’s a great one from showing the differences between B2B and B2C lead generation strategies:

But not all of your online searches will yield helpful results. Sorting out the great advice from the just plain bad can end up being a pretty daunting task.

Here’s a quick video from Patrick Dang talking about B2B lead generation:

Quick Takeaways:

  1. Lead generation is the backbone of your sales numbers
  2. Deciding on what metrics to measure how your lead generation is performing is crucial to overall marketing efforts
  3. There are tons of online resources designed to make lead generation easier

We’ve got your back and have compiled some of the top online resources for you to check out:


Callbox is an award-winning sales and marketing solutions provider. Don’t believe us? Check out their stunning credentials here. They provide quick, concise, and entertaining lead generation presentations that you can’t help but share.

They also have this really neat infographic about the role of content in B2B lead generation, as well as a SlideShare presentation on why businesses should outsource their lead generation initiatives.

Impact Plus

Are you looking for some quick courses to brush up on your B2B lead generation strategies? Look no further! Impact Plus has free courses designed to teach you the ins and outs of lead generation, SEO, content marketing trends, and more!


Source: Tech Radar

Canva is a user-friendly design tool meant to be easily accessed by anyone. You can design banner ads, graphics, and more to generate leads on your website. This website lets you skip the hassle of hiring someone else to use more complicated software to craft your website’s graphics.

You can also find videos online to step up your Canva game and design like the pros!

Lead Genius

Lead Genius’ SlideShare presentation on the best practices for lead generation walks you through the outbound and inbound sales funnel. Although it may be a bit heavy on stats for a 54-slide presentation, it’s still a great resource for those who want to understand the sales funnel journey.


A Cisco study found that by 2019, 80% of all consumer internet traffic will be from internet video traffic. Kissmetrics leveraged this stat in their blog article titled ‘Using Video Metrics to Collect Better Data for Lead Generation.’ If your company is big on video content, this resource is definitely a gold mine.

We’re not just talking about professionally made videos. If your company has blogger brand ambassadors, those quick Instagram videos can also be converted into big lead generation initiatives.


Source: Formstack

When it comes to lead generation, the motto, “If you build it, they will come” is not always true. As you might have experienced, just because you have a website in place, that doesn’t always guarantee traffic and a successful sales conversion rate.

That’s where this SlideShare presentation from Formstack comes in handy. The presentation shows how three preferential customer behaviors come into play on every page of your site.

Demand Wave

If you feel like you’ve tried every lead generation tactic in the book, this SlideShare presentation from Demand Wave offers five more untapped areas for lead generation you might want to give a crack.

On their company blog, Demand Wave also has a great article about 2016’s top trends in B2B digital marketing and SEO. This post is definitely worth a read if you want to get updated on what’s going on in the digital world.


In recent years, there has been a boom in the startup industry. Many of these startups have become quite popular through digital marketing.

In this blog article from WordStream, startup entrepreneurs share their top lead generation strategies. Whether you’re just starting off, or you’re a veteran entrepreneur, you can learn a thing or two from these newly minted business owners.


MarketingProfs has quite a collection of available lead generation materials for business owners. In one article, marketing blogger Matt Banner, talks about ways to optimize your social media conversation and enhance activities with lead generation tactics that will drive users through the sales funnel.


How To Cut Your Paid Advertising in Half and Boost Revenue: Michael Brenner on Quietlight [Podcast]

In this podcast, MIG’s leader Michael Brenner talks about using content marketing to draw users to your website, ultimately slashing your advertising costs. This podcast does an excellent job of telling you specific steps of just how to go about your content marketing strategy.

The Most Effective Lead Follow-Up Strategies: Adam Bluemner on Marketing Smarts [Podcast]

In this podcast, Adam Bluemner from Find Accounting Software talks about the most effective follow-up strategies for web-based B2B lead generation from an analysis of 63,256 calls.

Based on the study, if a sales representative waits a day before calling, the contact rate goes down. Bluemner also wrote a case study on follow-up calls on the company website, which is another excellent resource for B2B companies trying to improve their sales strategies.

What Makes Buyers Tick: Dr. Carl Marci of Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience on Marketing Smarts [Podcast]

Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience’s chief neuroscientist, Dr. Carl Marci, shares insights into the customer’s decision-making process. The podcast can help you understand how your audience responds to a particular ad while they’re still watching it, or if a particular way that a product is packaged turns people away rather than inviting them in.

The biggest lesson here is that a customer’s emotions play a large role in deciding whether content is relevant or not. The secondary lesson is that B2B marketers are now capable of analyzing the effect of their marketing campaigns through a real-time collection of consumer reactions without disrupting the content consumption experience.

How B2B Brands Can Rock Social: B2B Marketing Forum Speaker Eric T. Tung on Marketing Smarts [Podcast]

BMC Software’s social media manager, Eric Tung, shares how brands can be rock stars on social media. Social media can become an efficient lead tool for brands, but it requires planning. It’s not just about posting when or what you want to.

A great piece of advice from this podcast is to empower a company’s employees to become social media ambassadors by rolling out policies within the enterprise. Getting senior executives to be active on social media, especially LinkedIn, is also a good way to generate brand awareness.

Why Millennials Ignore Your Marketing (and How to Fix That): Matt Britton on Marketing Smarts [Podcast]

Millennials are experts in tuning out marketing in conventional media, which is a big problem for brands. Marketing expert, Matt Britton, is the CEO of social media agency, MRY.

In this podcast, Britton shares tips to catch the attention of elusive but powerful Millennials. If Millennials account for a significant chunk of your target market, then this is the podcast for you.

As you can see from the listed podcasts, Marketingprofs has an incredible amount of quality audio content for lead generation professionals to learn from.

Case Studies


This case study is about Xeikon, an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) who used to focus on an annual trade show. The company decided to run a multi-month and multi-channel campaign to generate leads and create awareness.

The targeted marketing effort was able to achieve a 300% ROI and resulted in 140 qualified leads. That might not seem like much but for an OEM, that was an astonishing amount of new business.

ServiceMaster Solutions

This case study is about ServiceMaster Solutions, a commercial janitorial and cleaning services franchise based in Portland, Oregon. It’s one of the five biggest commercial franchises of its kind in the United States.

When the CEO realized they had exhausted their relationship-building initiatives, they decided to leverage an online direct response ‘marketing machine.’ The campaign resulted in a 9 percent conversion rate and a 150% surge in generated leads.


Who would have thought that a shipping company could generate so many leads using social media? Danish shipping company, Maersk, turned to social media not just to increase its brand awareness but also to enhance employee satisfaction, gain market insight, and forge relationships with its customers.

They started sharing ‘inside stories’ that happen in their business such as where their staff comes from and how they are helping increase the sale of avocados from Kenya.

Since then, the shipping company has significantly increased brand awareness and grown a large social following all because of targeted content and social media marketing.

Source: Search Engine Journal


B2B marketing for software and hardware are harder than B2C. Conventional lead generation methods include email and telemarketing, but IBM decided to go a different route by launching the ‘intelligent listening’ program internally.

They ‘listened’ and investigated conversations about cloud computing on social media from users. Their sales people were given access to an RSS feed to find related content that they could then post on social media and to their internal IBM site profile pages. These efforts generated a boom in their B2B customers, showing how important it is to listen to your audience.

Inspired Marketing

Inspired Marketing is a B2B company that sells online training programs and digital materials about social networking tools such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

In 2010, the company released over 300 web seminars or webinars called GoToWebinars. The campaign resulted in more than $2.5 million in sales for 2011. In January alone, seven webinars resulted in sales of $250,000.

Wrap up

All of these online resources provide expert insights on lead generation. Success stories (case studies) can help show you particular tactics and strategies other companies have used successfully. This can direct your future efforts in a more strategic manner.

If you think you’ve exhausted your current relationship building capabilities, take a cue from some of the experts on the podcasts or leverage the cold, hard statistics available to help you craft a more effective lead generation campaign.

Better yet, your research and brainstorming might just lead you to discovering your own innovative way to generate leads. It may just be successful enough to land your business in a case study of your own!

Do you want to use some of the marketing strategies seen here on MIG’s site but need some help or advice? Marketing Insider Group has a team of 35+ experienced writers ready to produce content for YOUR business. Check out our weekly blog content service or schedule a free consultation

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