25 Content Marketing Tools To Jumpstart Your Content Marketing Strategy

Creating and finding good, relevant content to share with your target audience is hard work. But thankfully there are lots of great time-saving content marketing tools out there to make this process easier for you.

I have listed some of my favorite tools below to help you brainstorm content ideas and put together great content and visuals that will both inform and entertain your customers and prospects. You will also find a list of resources and platforms you can use to find and share amazing content with them.

As well, I have included some tools to help you determine the keywords and topics your potential buyers are searching for on the web, as well as the tools that can be used to evaluate, monitor and optimize the performance of your website, so you can increase your traffic, leads and ultimately revenue for your business.

So let’s get started! Here are the 25 content marketing tools that will help you find, create and share relevant, valuable content that your target audience is looking for. Be sure to also check out my post last year for a list of 22 additional content marketing tools.

Content Ideas

  1. BuzzSumo is a great, if not a must-have, tool for content marketers to identify what content and keywords are working well, which platforms and channels are driving social sharing and engagement, and who the key competitors and influencers are in your space. The results you get are also a great source of inspiration for content ideas.
  1. Feedly lets you find and read content in less time by organizing them into collections which appear in your feed. It’s a great tool to stay up-to-date on the latest news in your industry and to see how much social sharing each piece of content is getting. With a Pro account, you can easily schedule and share posts with Hootsuite or Buffer.
  1. Quora is a fantastic online community for content marketers to use and find out what kinds of questions their target consumers are asking for blog inspiration.
  1. Twitter is another great tool to see which topics are trending and hashtags that are relevant to your industry and target audience.
  1. DrumUp is a content marketing tool that pulls up recommended content based on the set of keywords you set up on the platform. You can also add RSS feeds to get content from the websites you regularly visit. DrumUp is also a social media management tool that lets you schedule and share content via the platform.
  1. Flipboard curates and showcases content from various trusted sources and websites based on the topics of interest you follow. You have the option to save the content you like and the tool presents it in an online magazine format for you to view.

Image & Graphic Creation

  1. StockSnap is one of the best places to find free, quality high-resolution photos which you can use, modify and distribute without attribution, even for commercial purposes. The site allows you to sort by date, views, number of downloads and favorites as well as which images are trending. Hundreds of new images are added every week.
  1. Pexels is a repository of over 10,000 free, quality hand-picked stock photos, with at least 1,500 new photos added every month. Like StockSnap, all photos can be used and modified without asking for permission and attribution.
  1. Unsplash has over a hundred collections of beautiful stock images donated by various photographers around the world, which you can use with no copyright restrictions.
  1. Endless Icon is a great resource if you are looking for free icons that you can use and modify for both commercial and non-commercial purposes without attribution. Iconmonstr is another repository which has over 3,400 free icons you can use without copyright restrictions.
  1. Canva makes graphic design simple and quick for everyone. You can use the online program and its huge collection of free templates and graphics to create everything from blog and social graphics to presentations, flyers, posters and infographics.
  1. PicMonkey is a great online photo editing tool if you are looking to make basic editing or special effects, like cropping, resizing, color adjustments and filters.
  1. GoAnimate allows you to easily create animated videos yourself, without the big price tag that comes with creative agencies or if you don’t have the internal resources for it. The online platform allows you to drag and drop characters, props, backgrounds, styles, sound effects and even voice record audio files to go along with your animated videos.

Content Sharing & Management

  1. Hootsuite is still my top choice for social media scheduling and sharing. You can manage all your social media accounts, monitor hashtags, track and respond to mentions all in one place.
  1. Sprout Social is a social media management platform that allows individuals and businesses to manage social sharing, engagement and communications across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+. Like Hootsuite, the platform also offers social media analytics tools to help you measure and report on your performance.
  1. Spredfast is another social marketing and engagement platform for scheduling and sharing content, social listening and analytics.
  1. Buffer is a social media scheduling tool that helps you find your most optimal times to share content throughout the day so you can get the most out of every post. With the paid plans, you can add RRS feeds to find and mark content you want to share and add them to your queue.

Analytics, Keyword Discovery & SEO

  1. Google Analytics is one of the must-have tools content marketers should include in their toolbox. You can track everything from your website traffic to visitor demographics to help you improve your pages.
  1. Google Search Console is another must-have tool for checking how often your website appears in Google search results and test if Google can successfully “understand” your content, to help you improve your site’s SEO and search performance.
  1. MozBar is a browser extension that generates instant SEO metrics and insights into keywords and other page elements based on the websites you are visiting.
  1. Google Keyword Planner allows you to search for keywords and get their historical search volume statistics or traffic forecasts for specific lists of keywords. It’s a great resource to have in your content marketing toolbox to help you create content around commonly searched keywords and terms.
  1. Keyword Tool gives you 750+ long-tail keyword suggestions based on the term you search for. You can also look at the questions related to your keyword users are searching, which can be used for content marketing topics. With a Pro account, you’ll also get additional insights into the search volume, CPC and AdWords competition for the keywords you search.
  1. SEO Chat’s Keyword Suggest Tool shows you which popular phrases users search for on Google, Bing, Amazon and YouTube for your base term. Knowing what people are searching for helps you create content that meets a customer’s needs and answers their biggest questions.
  1. Hubspot Website Grader allows you to gain insights into how well your website is performing, including SEO, mobile and security, and the areas you could improve to optimize your performance.
  1. SEMrush was already in my top list last year, but I think it’s a great tool that’s worth mentioning again. Not only can you use it to track keywords across organic search and paid campaigns, you can also use the tool to measure the performance of your website and get insights into your competitors’ digital marketing strategies. Keep in mind that free users only get 10 queries though.

What other content marketing tools are you using to drive your content marketing plans? Please share your resources in the comments section below!

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