36 Calls For Content Marketing Help

Do you have the super powers to hear and to answer the calls for content marketing help?

Lack of a clear and strategic content marketing plan can hurt your brand — be it a small business, big company or personal reputation. Hone your listening skills to help you help others and to save them from ineffective social media marketing.

Many corporate marketers and Main Street local business owners make more ‘I think’ vs. ‘I know’ social media and content decisions. Ignoring the nuances of proven user experience, content consumption, and native-behavior can lead to fewer buyers walking through your front door — whether virtual or brick and mortar.

4 Facts About Content That Make You Go Hmmmm.

21% of businesses can’t map their social media and content results to an ROI, suggesting they don’t know what is or is not working. Source: Content Marketing Institute

60% of brands are challenged with creating engaging content, indicating there is a lot of mediocre and boring content under-delivering on business goals. Source: Content Marketing Institute

Only 30% of B2B marketers — a 21% decline from 2015 — say their companies are effective at content marketing, implying there is more ineffective content being used every day. Source: Content Marketing Institute

32% of marketers are find their social media teams lack the skills to develop decent content setting up the need for others to influence how to posts, graphics, and videos are created — many times mistakenly. Source: Content Marketing Institute

How do you even know if you are stuck in the content conundrum? Well, here are some quips and quotes I have picked up and pondered over the last ten years of my digital marketing engagement … with clients, customers, and coworkers.

36 Indicators Suggesting Your Company Is Stuck In A Content Conundrum

If you have used or heard these phrases, think about calling in a content marketing expert to help you create your foundational strategy. Then you can begin to build on your marketing success.

  1. This is the hashtag my boss wants.
  2. This is the video title my business leader wants.
  3. We didn’t want to use facts into the messaging,
  4. We need to fit the entire quote no matter if it fits (into the viewable window.)
  5. We want to start to use a (organic, not paid) hashtag, so our readers know it’s our message.
  6. We are going to use social media to drive registration, leads, AND sales.
  7. My agency had a good idea that we want to run with — and here’s the final copy and creative.
  8. My event’s tomorrow and I need my messaging to go out on social media.
  9. We don’t know what hashtag or keywords we should be using — so can you tell us?
  10. Can you just create the social media content about my (niche) topic (even though you’re not the expert?)
  11. We need just need to do social.
  12. We don’ have to measure social media, do we?
  13. We don’t know where to send people after they read our posts.
  14. We want to increase our awareness AND drive leads with social media.
  15. We want to use all 140 characters for Twitter.
  16. What do you mean I should use a visual with my social media posts — where do I get that?
  17. I don’t care about my video’s tagging, description and playlist development — I just need to get this video up on YouTube.
  18. Why isn’t my (10-minute) video getting any views?
  19. I don’t have time to do social media (or social selling.)
  20. Why aren’t people sharing my social media posts?
  21. Our team doesn’t know how to do social media, but we need to get this message out on social media about our event.
  22. I don’t do Twitter, so YOU will have to get my message out on social media.
  23. Oh, I didn’t know hashtags, format, character count, tone, and messaging was important on social media.
  24. We need to target only the decision maker — and don’t need to consider their buying team of SVPs, VPs, Senior Directors, and Directors.
  25. Here’s the one tweet we want to use to support our marketing campaign. Let me know when it’s up, so I can tell my boss.
  26. Let’s just use the same messaging on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ — it’s easier.
  27. Will you manage my social media profile for me?
  28. Someone said something negative about us on social media — what should we do?
  29. We don’t want our employees to participate on social media unless we sign off on it.
  30. I didn’t realize our Facebook followers don’t see our message unless we pay for it.
  31. I have $200 to spend on a very targeted social media campaign on LinkedIn, what should I do?
  32. I haven’t logged into LinkedIn for months.
  33. LinkedIn’s only for job seekers.
  34. Get this message out in the LinkedIn groups that map to our business — so, what are those groups.
  35. Can you tell me who are our influencers are in our space?
  36. Let’s do social media, because it’s free.

Do you have another quip you’ve heard calls out for attention or fixing? If so, please share it below. Or, reach out to me directly at [email protected], MarketingThink.com or on Twitter @GerryMoran.

These phrases do not suggest the lack of flexibility or openness to change by others. These phrases are calls for help! When you hear them, break out your content marketing super powers to save the world from sub-par social media and content. Then you’ll start to deliver improved marketing results.

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