5 Content Marketing Hacks To Attract A Property Investor Audience

Content marketing is a modern marketing technique enabled by the web which everyone is talking about. If you’ve never heard the phrase, content marketing is the act of creating valuable free content with the aim of drawing in new customers.

Content marketing is big and now is the best time ever to really push this effective strategy to the max. Right now property investment is incredibly attractive thanks to its relative stability and content marketing is a great way to catch new investors entering the ring looking for reliable profits.

If you are new to the content marketing game, I’d like to share five hacks that will help you draw in the right property investors with your content strategy.

1.   Identify a Killer Niche

There are lots of different types of people who decide to invest in property. So you can’ have a single vague content strategy which ultimately hooks no one. So it’s incredibly important that you profile the type of investor you want to appeal to and master that niche effectively.

For example, you may have read how the young millennial or “hipster” generation has an insatiable appetite for urban property. So paying attention to the hobbies and media consumption habits of this group of people will help you craft content with the right keywords and topics.

2. Look for the Long Tail

Keywords are, well, key when it comes to writing great content. Search engines use keywords to help you reach the intended audience.  The thing is, you don’t want to use the same keywords that everyone else does. So we should look for “long tail” keywords that aren’t heavily competed for, but will still relevant to your niche.

This also helps weed out keywords that are common to more than just your niche, making your content far more targeted in nature. The property market has many niche keywords that relate to specific aspects of housing architecture or business. Leverage them as much as you can when marketing real estate development.

3. Hack Your Writing Style

Modern search engines such as Google don’t just look dumbly at keywords. They can now also tell how well written or (to an extent) interesting content is likely to be. So it pays to fine tune your content writing style for maximum appeal.

Take some time to analyze the most popular content read by your target niche and try to adjust your own content so that it reflects what your niche loves. It may be that your target niche really likes funny list articles, so finding effective templates for that style of article can transform the number of people who read your content.

4. Hack Your Headlines

Your headline is your first and only chance to get your target audience to click and read. If your headline is junk it doesn’t matter if you’ve written the best content body in history. Coming up with catchy or punchy headlines can be a tough challenge, but luckily there are plenty of tools out there to help you craft effective headlines.

Just search for “blog headline generators” and you’ll be presented with many headline crafters. All you have to do is put in your keywords and the generators will come up with topic ideas or headline formats. It’s an invaluable cure for writer’s block too!

5. Hack Your Content Length

The length of your content is an important factor in how well your content will rank in search engines, thus increasing the chances that your niche will find it.

What the ideal content length is has been hotly debated, but if you don’t yet have a strong brand identity or other strong marketing factors, it can be worth lengthening or shortening your content to see what your audience like more.

Start of by having a variety of content lengths and then paying attention to which do the best. That may be a good clue as to what your audience finds most appealing.

Content Marketing is the Future

There seems to be little doubt that content marketing is one of the best bang-for-buck marketing strategies today. It’s a much more effective use of your marketing budget than spending on adwords or traditional media adverts.

Be sure to look at our article on the future trends that will shape content marketing to help you understand your future strategy choices better. 

Image Credit Pixabay