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5 Content Marketing Ideas Inspired by The Rock

5 Content Marketing Ideas Inspired by The Rock

September 7, 2022
4 min read

Content marketing is the easiest way to boost your business’ organic traffic online. Writing quality content for your audience is important for the growth of your business. But let’s face it – sometimes the creative well runs dry.

As a content marketer, it’s important to be following pages bigger than yours to see what works and what doesn’t. More importantly, it’s important for brainstorming and generating ideas for your digital marketing efforts.

So who to look to in times of creative necessity? One of our favorites here at MIG is The Rock! Who just happens to be one of the biggest stars in film today!

While largely retired from the wrestling ring, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has quickly risen to global fame from his critically acclaimed film success. But I have a secret for you… it wasn’t just the talent that shot him to the moon. It was content marketing!

Before we get into his work, let’s take a quick peek at the finer points of content marketing from Tony Peacock:

Quick Takeaways:

  • If you aren’t using content marketing, it’s time to get with it
  • Building an organic audience over time can be more efficient and better for your bottom dollar than 100% paid advertising
  • Maintaining a consistent and quality content marketing schedule with social media is crucial to your bottom line

Content marketing is all about reaching, engaging and converting your audience to raving fans. Just like The Rock.

Here are 5 ideas for composing content inspired by The Great One himself:

Talk about where you’re from

The Rock often speaks on social media and interviews about his childhood upbringing. He was raised around professional wrestling by his father, Rocky Johnson, and belongs to a large Samoan family.

Speaking on his past allows him to connect with his audience, furthering the connection between the entertainer and the entertainee. By showing that his upbringing wasn’t all too different from ours, he builds trust and credibility.

Think about the community you serve. Writing pieces or speaking in videos of how your business came to be can show your passion and drive to your prospects in a new way.

Share your “why”

Building a connection with your clients means showing them why you work so hard, why you care so much to deliver a quality product or service.

In this post The Rock shows off his cousin’s reaction to him buying her a house. Now we’re not saying you need to go buy your cousin a house, we’re saying that by showing you his strong connection to family, he’s giving you a look at his why.

By showing off the why, you put emotions and faces to products and services. This makes you more trustworthy and credible than the advertisements on a webpage, and can lead your content marketing efforts to better lead generation.

Give wisdom

Wisdom takes many forms and is often universal. Whether sharing stories of success or defeat, letting your clients in on how you know what you know can build a special connection. Here’s a motivational example to peek at:

You don’t have to be as good of a public speaker as he is (whew, right?) to make an impact on the people viewing your content. What it comes down to is getting on their level and telling them what you know, and how you got this far.

This touches back on the theme of this article. Humanizing your brand provides an emotional connection through your prospects’ screen. No one wants to look at text on a screen, they want to feel and know why you and your business is so special. Use some thought leadership practices to inspire!

Show your laughs

It’s no secret that The Rock and comedian Kevin Hart are good friends. Often creating movie magic together, they often take part in internet challenges together in the name of a good laugh.

Not everything you make has to be groundbreaking and serious. In fact, some of the most credibility you can build with your audience is through humor! Social media gives a great outlet to show behind-the-scenes comradery and laughs with your staff, showing the real people behind the work.

Say you’re running a real-estate company and you’re making content together for social media. Showing bloopers of your agents messing up their lines showcases their humanity, and makes them seem fun and trustworthy to the audience, making them more likely to convert.

Talk to your clients

It’s important to have direct communication with the people who give you business. One of The Rock’s signature moves on Twitter is talking directly to everyday people and fans of his work. Take this tweet for instance:

And honestly, this is just the tip of the iceberg. His Twitter feed is covered with content like this. Why? Because people respond to… well… being responded to! Showing your clients you care is an easy way to retain them and bring on new ones.

Wrap Up

Content marketing, while rewarding, can be difficult to keep up with and regularly maintain. On average, it takes about 3-4 months of consistent, quality content to see larger yield. This means diverse content across different platforms.

You don’t just have to use social media! Content marketing automation has made it easy to send out newsletters across different platforms quickly and easily. Places like Mailchimp and Constant Contact can keep your reader lists organized, not to mention provide excellent metrics for analysis.

By using some inspiration from The Rock, you can get and stay on track to blow past your conversion goals for your content marketing strategies and smell… what The Rock… is cookin’.

Do you want to use some of the content marketing strategies seen here on MIG’s site but need some help or advice? Marketing Insider Group has a team of 35+ experienced writers ready to produce content for YOUR business. Check out our weekly blog content service or schedule a free consultation

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