5 Essential Tools To Help CMOs Achieve Account-Based Marketing Success

At one time, to reach out to businesses, sales and marketing teams identified one key contact at each organization and focused their efforts on that person. Unfortunately, all too often this meant that an additional decision maker in the organization might have completely missed out on that marketing message.

Today, new technology is enabling CMOs and their teams to trade in their one-to-one approach for a more comprehensive, more personalized, multi-channel approach.

Enter account-based marketing (ABM). With ABM, marketers reach out to accounts rather than individuals, sometimes communicating with multiple people at one location at the same time. Now that data analytics have made it easy for brands to identify key people across all roles in an organization, it’s no surprise that ABM has gained popularity. In fact, in SiriusDecisions’ 2015 State of Account-Based Marketing Studyresearchers revealed that 92% of B2B organizations saw ABM as extremely or very important to their marketing initiatives.

As valuable as ABM can be to businesses, however, it  can go disastrously wrong when mishandled. With the right tools, you can manage your ABM efforts effectively, getting the best possible results. Here are a few solutions that can help.

1. LinkedIn

ABM isn’t limited to outbound marketing. It can apply to a business’s inbound marketing efforts, as well. LinkedIn has put extra effort into ABM in recent months, incorporating a tool into its profile-targeting feature to help B2B marketers with their campaigns. Simply specify the customers you want to target when you create a new advertising campaign on the site.

2. LeadGenius

Tools, reporting, and analytics are all important, but they will only get you so far. Having accurate contact information for your entire decision making panel is vital to any account based marketing effort. LeadGenius uses innovative technology to deliver the highest-quality contacts to businesses based on their ideal account profiles. LeadGenius’ ability to deliver custom leads at scale will boost your marketing team’s contact database, giving you an edge over the competition, no matter what your industry.

3. Demandbase

Businesses know they must personalize their marketing efforts to see real results, but many have no idea how to begin. Demandbase takes care of that for you, offering affordable software designed to help SMBs compete with large corporations. The software identifies leads, personalizes messages to prospects, and notifies sales professionals when it’s time to take action. Proving the heavy demand for ABM solutions, Demandbase recently closed a $30 million round of funding.

4. Insightsquared

Like the above-mentioned solutions, Insightsquared aims for the SMB market, creating the solutions every business needs without the high prices. Using data connections, Insightsquared enables ABM by gathering leads from outside your business’ existing CRM and helping you use it within the new campaigns you generate.

5. PFL

If you target businesses through direct mail, PFL could be the ABM tool that works best for you. Once a business has identified its list of contacts, PFL takes over the fulfillment and mailing of a business’ print mail campaigns, which can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of direct mail campaign. You can drag and drop your print mailer into PFL’s interface and they handle fulfillment and tracking, making sure the items are delivered to businesses.

Marketers know the value in account-based marketing, but sourcing the right leads can be complicated. With the right tools in place, B2B-based businesses of all sizes can create effective marketing campaigns and make sure the message is getting to the right people at each organization.

This post originally appeared on Forbes

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