5 Speedy Ways to Boost Content Marketing Traffic

Do you ever wake up in a cold sweat and shout “I’m not getting the kind of traffic I’d like on my website!” Even if you aren’t disrupting your family’s sleep, there are plenty of reasons to worry about content marketing, and whether or not it is currently working towards your campaign’s success. If you’ve been feeling like the work you’ve invested is not yielding results, here are a few quick social media “boosters” that can help increase overall traffic and give you some peace of mind.

1. Add a Few Extra Daily Tweets

How many times a day are you sending out Tweets on Twitter? 5-6? Maybe a respectable 4? Increase your count on the days you schedule by at least a single Tweet. If the content is timely, helpful, and scheduled for publication at key hours, adding even one extra Tweet per day can help boost traffic and engagement.

2. Explore a New Social Media Channel

You know you should be using sites like Tumblr, and even G+. If you’ve been putting off a social media channel because you don’t know how it works or are worried the community may not be the right fit, give them a second glance. Consider that all backlinks to your site are valuable SEO juice, and that you can easily schedule posts to most social media sites using your normal scheduling tools. Why not try a new channel? In most cases, the only effort required is an extra “click” on your scheduling platform.

3. Up Your Blog Count

Each blog you write is like a single fishing hook in the water, capturing traffic from search engine “bites.” That in mind, how many hooks do you currently have in your pond? How many are you producing a week? Even if you add a single blog post per week, you are adding a significant amount of SEO bait to your website. Schedule an additional blog post on your busiest days, or consider adding a weekend post with broad appeal. The more blogs that exist on your site, the more passive traffic you’ll get from searchers while you’re offline. Or asleep.

4. Show Followers Some Love

No one wants to hug a robot! If you are only relying on automated posts to take care of your social media accounts, your followers will be able to tell. Spend some time interacting with the people who went out of their way to follow you online. Like their posts, message them back, and repost their content as long as it’s brand-relevant to you. Consider running a “Best Follower” weekly feature, or find other creative ways to turn the spotlight away from your brand and onto your audience.

5. Start a Mini Campaign

A campaign can be a broad banner to describe different united efforts to bring traffic onto your blog. You might have a giveaway that lasts for a month, a day where you show off your favorite industry quotes, or even a general overall theme for your marketing materials. The goal is simply to keep a running theme going throughout your different channels, and invite new followers with the fun of interaction or the promise of a prize. Who knows! If you create a campaign that is clever enough, you could even connect all of the content afterwards and make an eBook out of it. A beautiful eBook of quotes, a blog series on a specific skill, or even a celebration of a historical month would all make fantastic collected campaign subjects.

Content marketing is about a slow climb to engagement, using one piece of content at a time to help create a mountain of wonderful material. But if you feel like you’ve been lagging behind, these techniques can help give your campaign a quick boost. Give them a try and finally enjoy a night of peaceful rest.

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  1. Sunday thank you for a great article. I love the way that you ezplained about more posts. Well done!

    What is the best way to start a campaign? I like the concept but need more info on the best way to get started.

    Thank you again for the great content

  2. Consistency is key! I like the idea about a mini campaign for dripping out collected quotes, a blog series, or celebrating a specific theme over a month.

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