8 Chrome Extension that Simplify Social Media Marketing

Have you ever heard of a social media manager who has a lot of time on their hands? Probably not, because that’s one of the most important, yet scarce resources for them. If you’re one of those social media managers whose list of things-to-do just doesn’t seem to end, here’s some consolation – you’re not the only one.

Social media is alive and constantly buzzing with action. That’s why it makes for such a challenging marketing opportunity. But with the right tools at your disposal, you can optimize your social media marketing efforts with relative ease. Here are 8 chrome extensions you can use to this effect.

1. DrumUp

DrumUp is an intelligent content discovery, curation and scheduling tool that is available on both web and Android. The DrumUp Chrome extension simplifies content discovery further by letting you find other articles you may be interested in, based on the one you’re currently reading. It also lets you share the content you find useful to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Note that you must be signed in to your DrumUp account to be able to schedule the content for sharing.

DrumUp Ext Screenshot

2. Giphy

Giphy is the most fun way to express yourself through amusing GIFs. The extension acts like a search engine for GIFs, which are categorized using hashtags. All you need to do is type your keyword(s) into the search bar that appears at the bottom of the extension’s window. Alternatively, clicking on the menu button that’s on the left of the search bar gives you a drop-down list of GIFs to choose from.

Giphy Ext Screenshot

3. Snip.ly

One of the many popular social media best practices is the 80:20 rule. It requires that only 20 percent of all the content you share is your own, and the other 80 percent is from external sources relevant to your business or industry. If such a big portion of the content you share is going to be external links, wouldn’t it be great to add a little snippet about your business? Snip.ly lets you do just that. The tool allows you to add a call to action along with a link back to your own site. One way to use it is to share a link to a related post you may have published on our own blog.

Sniply Ext Screenshot

4. Nimbus

Visuals are an essential element of any content you create. For instance, if you’re writing about a certain software, you would want to add screenshots to show your audience how the software works. Nimbus is a handy extension that serves this very purpose. It makes it much easier to save screenshots and screencasts. And unlike the PrntSc>Ctrl+V method, where you can only capture the visible part of the screen in full, Nimbus lets you capture the entire page, or just a selected part of the page.

Nimbus Ext Screeshot

5. Rapportive

If you’re conversing with a lot of people via email – possibly, new leads, agents, or partners, Rapportive is a must-use extension for you. The tool connects your Gmail account to Linkedin. When you’re corresponding with a person through Gmail, it pulls out their basic profile information from LinkedIn and displays it within your Gmail window. This way you know exactly who you’re talking to, and you can tailor your email message accordingly. The extension gives you useful information such as the person’s Twitter handle, website, and mutual connections on Linkedin (if any).

Rapportive screenshot

6. LastPass

A social media manager typically deals with multiple social accounts. If you’re using some social media management tools, you’ll also need to remember your log-in details for each of those sites. And when you’re dealing with multiple clients, it’s that many more accounts to track. If you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to memorize all these details, LastPass is what you need. The tool is one of the best password managers you could use. It even lets you share passwords with your team when required, without having to compromise on the security of your accounts.

LastPass Ext Screenshot

7. Grammarly

Whether you’re creating posts for Facebook, sending out tweets, writing a blog or drafting an e-mail, Grammarly helps ensure that all your writing is error-free. The extension indicates proofing errors, punctuation errors, incorrect sentence structures, improper word usage. The tool also points out contextual mistakes on several websites you may use, including Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Twitter, and Gmail. It highlights errors by underlining them and suggests corrections when you hover over the highlighted text.

Grammarly Screenshot

8. Riffle

Marketing a business through Twitter gets a whole lot simpler with Riffle. The tool lets you identify other Twitter users who have a large following. It also gives you information about the number of tweets they’ve shared, and how many times they’ve been re-tweeted. This lets you narrow down to users who have an active following. Additionally, you can also see the hashtags they’ve used most often, the URLs they’ve shared the most, popular mentions and a more. The tool is extremely helpful if you’re trying to identify influencers in a specific niche.

These Chrome extensions could help you save a significant amount of time while also streamlining your social media management activities. As a result, you (and your team) will be less hassled, and more productive. Do give these a spin to see how you can achieve improved efficiencies in your workflows and processes.

Riffle Extension Screenshot

Know of any other great extensions? Share your suggestions in the comments section below.

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  1. Very interesting! I do not know some of these tools, but I’ll definitely try to use them to discover their potential

  2. I like @QwoteApp. “Easily save and share what matters to you on the Web.” I use it to highlight passages in an article to which I want to draw people’s attention to.

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