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12 Content Marketing Myths… BUSTED

12 Content Marketing Myths… BUSTED

October 17, 2023
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We’ve all heard it said: “Every company with a marketing budget should be using content marketing.” But is that really the case? Surprisingly, not everyone’s on board.

In fact, a staggering 10% of organizations have yet to embrace this powerful marketing strategy. That’s right, 1 in 10 companies are missing out on one of the most impactful ways to reach their audience.

But why is this? And more importantly, if you’re already using content marketing, are you making the most of it?

In this blog, we’ll debunk some of the biggest myths surrounding content marketing, armed with hard-hitting stats. And for those skeptics in your midst? We’ve got the perfect arguments to make them believers.

1. Our type of audience won’t respond to content marketing!

False. 78% of consumers would rather get to know a brand through articles rather than through ads.

graphic shows that 78% of consumers would rather get to know a brand through articles rather than through ads

Image Source: BKA Content

People want to feel like you’re talking with them, and that you’re giving them information that’s useful (rather than just shouting at them to buy your stuff). Very likely your customer base is among them.

2. Content marketing can’t work in our industry!

We get it, some industries seem like they are better suited to content marketing than others–but only if you don’t understand all that content marketing can do.

While it’s easy to picture pinboards full of lifestyle photos, Instagram feeds with pretty meals aplenty, and blogs that tout the benefits of this or that beauty brand, consider that two of the best content marketing companies out there are in shipping (Maersk) and manufacturing (GE). Still skeptical? Check out these awesome b2b brands KILLING it with content marketing.

3. Content marketing costs too much!

gif shows Michael Scott from The Office TV show

Image Source: Giphy

Like any other form of marketing (including social media, sorry to burst your bubble), you’re going to have to pay for it in order to make it work on a large scale.

Everyone is wise to us marketers, and that’s okay–it’s just about putting your money in the right places. Content marketing clearly is that place. According to CMI, the most effective B2B marketers spend 39% of their marketing budgets on content.

4. We don’t have the capabilities to create enough content!

56% of marketers say that their biggest challenge is creating engaging content, and yet 90% of them continue to do it. While content marketing is now front and center on most marketers’ minds and budgets, many brands still have a lot to learn about how to do it efficiently. For starters, try recycling your content, hiring freelancers to help, or licensing content.

5. We don’t have an interesting story to tell!

gif shows Simon Cowell on American Idol

Image Source: Giphy

If you don’t have an interesting story to tell, you wouldn’t be in business. Whether you’re a company that has grown over the course of 100+ years to be a multi-million-dollar endeavor or a two-person bakery, there is more than likely something interesting you can say.

Tell a story about the data or research you have on your own industry or customers. Tell the amazing stories of your employees and customers. Answer your customers’ most commonly asked questions. Every brand has a story to tell!

6. We can’t prove the ROI of our content marketing!

What do you want to show? Increased traffic? Okay, 329 million people read blogs every month, and companies that blog get 5x more traffic than their peers.

graphic shows that companies that blog get 5x more traffic than their peers

Want leads? Active content marketing companies see 97% more backlinks and 67% more digital leads than those who are asleep at the wheel. Set your goals and then build your strategy around them using content to move your customers and prospects down the funnel.

7. We can’t get leadership to buy in to content marketing!

Maybe you should mention that clicks from the shared content you are going to put out there is 5x more likely to result in a purchase, and that conversion rates are 105% higher for consumers who interact with ratings and reviews as a result of content marketing.

Your leadership is interested in their bottom line, we get it. So take the time to build a case based around your specific brand’s numbers.

8. There are better ways to spend our marketing dollars!

72% of your marketing peers believe that branded content is more valuable than advertising in a print magazine, and 69% believe it’s superior to direct mail and all that PR you’re doing.

Clearly, content marketing is one of the best ways to diversify what you’re doing, if not the centerpiece. For goodness sake, 79% of people don’t even watch TV commercials. Traditional marketing just doesn’t cut it anymore.

graphic shows that 79% of people look at their phone, tablet, or computer when a TV commercial stars

Image Source: Cynopsis Media

9. It’s too hard to get organized to do content marketing!

Well, what do you know? We have a tool for that, and it helps teams of all sizes rock content marketing. Not ready for software? Start in a spreadsheet or google doc. Figure out who your audience is, how you can answer their questions with content, and start creating!

10. We’re too late to the content marketing game!

Think you’ve missed the content marketing train? Think again. While it’s true that the digital landscape is saturated with content, it’s never too late to start. The key is to offer unique, valuable, and authentic content that resonates with your audience. Remember, it’s not about being the first; it’s about being the best. Quality always trumps quantity.

Companies that prioritize blogging efforts are 13x more likely to see positive ROI.

graphic shows that companies that prioritize blogging efforts are 13x more likely to see positive ROI

Image Source: Tomislav Horvat

So, if you’re just starting out, focus on understanding your audience’s needs, crafting compelling stories, and consistently delivering value. The digital world is vast, and there’s always room for brands that genuinely connect with their audience.

11. Our competitors are not doing it, so why should we?

Just because your competitors aren’t leveraging content marketing doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. In fact, this presents a golden opportunity for you to stand out and establish a strong digital presence.

By being a pioneer in your industry, you can position your brand as a thought leader and go-to resource for valuable information. Moreover, content marketing is not just about keeping up with competitors; it’s about building lasting relationships with your audience and fostering trust. If your competitors aren’t doing it, they’re missing out, and you have the chance to capitalize on that gap.

12. We tried it once, and it didn’t work!

gif shows scooby doo shaking his head no

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Content marketing is not a one-time effort; it’s a long-term commitment. If you tried it once and didn’t see immediate results, it doesn’t mean it’s not effective. Like any other marketing strategy, it requires patience, consistency, and continuous optimization.

Analyze what went wrong the first time, learn from your mistakes, and refine your approach. Maybe your content wasn’t aligned with your audience’s needs, or perhaps you didn’t promote it effectively. Whatever the reason, don’t give up. With the right strategy and persistence, content marketing can yield significant results over time.

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As we’ve debunked these content marketing myths, it’s clear that content marketing isn’t just a fleeting trend, but rather a powerful tool for brands to connect, engage, and build trust with their audience.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your strategy, remember that genuine storytelling, consistent value delivery, and understanding your audience are at the heart of successful content marketing.

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  1. Sue-Ann Bubacz

    Nice work, Lauren, sure hope “they” get the message and understand the importance and impact of strong and valuable content and what it brings to ANY business:) You covered it on a many levels here so thanks. Sue-Ann

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