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9 Examples of Ebooks that Convert Like Crazy

9 Examples of Ebooks that Convert Like Crazy

August 16, 2021
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Is your inbox full of ebooks and other downloads you swore you needed but never read?

The truth is, lots of brands know the value of using ebooks and other lead magnets to generate leads, but not as many do it well.

We’ve curated 9 awesome ebook examples that demonstrate how brands can not only offer downloadable content, but make it convert like crazy. Let’s check them out . . .

Quick Takeaways

  • Ebooks should clearly identify their target audience and learning outcomes.
  • Visual and interactive content keep readers more engaged with ebooks.
  • Brands can resonate better with customers by focusing on their needs instead of making a hard sell.
  • Building social proof by displaying expert commentary and reader reviews can make a stronger case for your ebook.

9 Ebook Examples that Convert Like Crazy

1.    The Manager’s Guide to Effective Feedback

The Manager’s Guide to Effective Feedback

Image Source

Company: Impraise

Why it Works:

Impraise sells a software platform that helps organizations manage employee performance and development. With this ebook they use one of the most effective B2B strategies for engaging potential leads at an early stage: focusing on the customer need and problem rather than their own brand and solution.

If you take a closer look at their ebook landing page, you’ll notice that it’s pretty simple. The ebook description and form share the same amount of space. There’s no hard sell for Impraise, either. Instead, the text focuses on what readers will gain from the ebook (i.e. how it will solve their problem).

What Impraise realizes here is that it doesn’t actually matter if a potential lead is interested in their brand or not at this stage. What’s important is that they sign up for the ebook, thus identifying themselves as a person in need of Impraise’s solution and sharing their contact information so Impraise can follow up.

2.    The Freelancer’s Bible: Tips & Tricks For Your Design Business

Freelancer’s Bible

Image Source

Company: Route 1 Print

Why it Works:

Route 1 doesn’t beat around the bush here when it comes to how their ebook will benefit the reader. It’s not easy to get people to part with their email address, and they definitely don’t want to do it without a clear understanding of what they’re getting in return.

In this example, the ebook gives readers what they’re looking for with clear bullet points outlining learning outcomes, a visual that shows the inside of the book, and an assurance above the form that the ebook will be delivered right away.

3.    The Power of Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling

Image Source

Company: NewsCred

Why it Works:

We expect an ebook about visual storytelling to have strong visuals. But NewsCred took it a step further here by making the ebook interactive (Disclosure: I worked for them at the time this was launched and may have had some input;-).

Interactive content generates twice as many leads and 5x as many page views as static content. For brands looking to differentiate, it’s a no-brainer. This ebook example is more than something to read, it’s an experience.

This ebook example contains moving images, video, and content that pops up as readers move through the pages. It keeps readers engaged by asking them questions about the content, prompting them to think about it in the moment and capture takeaways.

4.    The Content Creator’s Guide to Interactive Marketing

Content Creator’s Guide to Interactive Marketing

Image Source

Company: Ceros

Why it Works:

Let’s take interactive content even further. Ceros’s Guide to Interactive Marketing does a few things really well. First, it uses the title to tell you exactly who their ebook is for. If you’re a content creator, you only need to look at the title to know this ebook is relevant for you.

Second, Ceros uses interactive content not just to provide a visual experience but to reinforce learning outcomes. There are moving interactive infographics, videos, quizzes and more that all require direct reader interaction in order to capture the content. This ebook isn’t just educational, it’s fun!

5.    Influencer Marketing: The Latest Strategies, Templates, and Tools

Influencer Marketing

Image Source

Company: Content Marketing Institute

Why it Works:

Have you ever downloaded an ebook only to open it up, see pages of text, and close right out again? Us too.

Readers are only truly reading about 20% of the text they see on any webpage. If we’re assuming the same is true for ebooks, readers won’t want to comb through content that’s just page after page of text.

To make your content approachable and not overwhelm the reader before they even start, it’s a good idea to break up your text with images and larger text callouts. Content Marketing Institute does this quite well in their Influencer Marketing ebook. Each page is well-balanced with both text and visual content.

6.    Content Strategy: A Guide for UX Designers

Guide for UX Designers

Image Source

Company: GatherContent

Why it Works:

GatherContent does a really excellent job here of proving the value of their ebook to convince users to download. You’ll see some of the best practices we already discussed: clear learning outcomes, a specific mention of who this ebook is for (UX professionals) and a focus on the customer need.

They take it a step further by also including a table of contents so readers know exactly what they can expect to get from the ebook. They use direct quotes from industry experts to drive home the importance of the topic, too. Combined, all of these tactics make a strong case to the reader that this ebook is a must-have.

7.    The Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing

Beginner's Guide to Email Marketing

Image Source

Company: Hubspot

Why it Works:

Hubspot is one of the best content creators in the game, and this ebook is no exception. They clearly identify the target audience for the ebook, provide specific learning outcomes, give a preview of the book that users can interact with by clicking through, and provide industry commentary to emphasize the topic’s relevance.

We also love their inclusion of FAQs that don’t avoid the obvious questions like “Why do I need to fill out the information requested?” and “Is this book really free?” By getting straight to the point, Hubspot is honest about how they’ll use the information and assures users that there’s no hidden agenda.

8.    The B2B Content Marketing Workbook

B2B Content Marketing

Image Source

Company: Velocity Partners

Why it Works:

Like some of our other examples, Velocity does a good job here of giving an overview of their ebook and offering specifics about what readers will learn. What we love the most, though, is their inclusion of comments from people who have already read the book.

By creating social proof around the value of their book, they don’t depend solely on their own ability to convince users to download. It’s a good strategy, too — 84% of consumers trust online peer recommendations just as much as they do those from friends.

9.    Create Better Work Together

Create Better Work Together

Image Source

Company: Dropbox

Why it Works:

This one looks pretty simple, right? Well, it is. But there’s one specific thing we like about Dropbox’s messaging here: that their ebook will help readers get the most out of the digital tools they already love.

Similar to The Manager’s Guide way back in our first example, Dropbox does a good job here of using subtle messaging to show that they aren’t making a hard sell on their product as the be-all and end-all solution.

Instead, they’re offering a way to enhance the tools that readers already know and like using. They emphasize how Dropbox can make their lives easier and simpler. Who wouldn’t be interested in that?

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