How To Beat Out Industry Leaders In Content Marketing

It can be disheartening at times to produce content that will compete with massive industry leaders, especially if you have a local market that is competing with a global business. More and more of these massive corporations are seeing the value of content marketing and making it a part of their digital strategy.

So that puts your content in a David versus Goliath situation. The industry leader has a wider reach, is viewed as a more authoritative source, and probably ranks better on Google. It is possible to outrank huge corporations and industry leaders.

You can do it with some clever planning, creative strategy and solid SEO content.

Analyze Their Content, Find Holes

Analyzing competitors is always a good idea to better overcome them. You can find where their strengths and weaknesses are and get a good idea what their content strategy is.

With an industry leader, you can look through their content and see if there are any holes in their strategy you can capitalize on.

That includes long tail search terms, important information they’ve missed, or local situations they can’t address because of their global audience.

If they don’t have content to address a topic and you do, you’ll show up in relevant searches above them.

Capitalize on those holes and flesh out your content within it. If there is a specific area of knowledge that’s missing, build marketing funnels to help encourage visitors from that one topic into your other content that is covered by industry leaders. So, in a sense, they find your site from the knowledge gap article and then stay for your other content.

Push To Get The Google Featured Snippet

Google introduced the featured snippet result to help searchers find the answers to their questions. Now, when looking for a featured snippet, Google analyzes a few different things on your page. First is that your content answers a question quickly and simply.

It helps a lot to pose the question in the title of your article, so both Google and visitors can see you have the answer. Situations like this can even get you chosen over resources like Wikipedia because the question is prevalent instead of just a topic name.

Sites with low or average DA can get chosen for a featured snippet if the content is high enough quality. After providing an initial answer, provide more in-depth information backing it up.

Getting the featured snippet gets you to the top of the results and can boost traffic to your site. Plus, it gives you a ton of authority with visitors as the trusted answer source of Google.

Have Different Content Formats

Different people prefer specific content types. If a person prefers a YouTube tutorial for a task, but the industry leaders only have blogs articles about it, you can fill that need your target market has. If you have a different content version than the rest, you’ll be more likely to rank high on search results. Google tries to have diverse content for answering inquiries to match what people want.

Diversifying content is extremely helpful when trying to find what works best with your target market. As you find what is the most effective, you can invest more time improving the SEO aspect of it so they perform better, and increase the quality over time.

Different kinds of content aren’t just blogs and videos. Content like case studies, tutorials, eBooks, and such can be great to provide different solutions people are looking for.

Having Better Content

Finally, Google looks for quality in ranking content. If you look at a piece of content done by an industry leader, and you see flaws in it, or just think you can do better, then go for it. Make higher quality, more detailed, easier to understand content.

Another approach is to improve, delete, or update your old content. Many industries change over time, but some businesses forget to update already published articles on those changes. Then, when somebody looks up the information, and you have the most up to date article, you’ll start to rank higher.

Addressing A Local Market

One major disadvantage of large businesses and worldwide brands is that it’s harder for them to focus on smaller markets. All of their content has to be applicable to the world, or they have to make content for every single little area.

If your business relies on a local market, use that to rank better. If people are searching for a solution in their area, include your location in your content. For example, if an area has a specific recurring problem, you can produce content about solving it. You can get extremely detailed about the issue, especially if only locals have it. Larger industry leaders won’t notice or be able to address these kinds of problems, but you can.

You can even network with other local businesses to produce solutions for different but related problems. For example, a hailstorm damages a quite a few local homes in a small town. A local insurance company could post about how to file a claim for homeowner’s insurance.

At the same time, they partner with a roof repair company, who puts up content on hailstorm roof repairs. They refer to each other’s businesses in the content, and work together to get traffic and customers.

Build Links To Your Content

Google gives a lot of inbound links to your site. Websites with more links pointing to them from other sites rank better. The industry leaders will get links pretty naturally because of their expertise, so you need to find ways to outreach and build links.

Simply having great content isn’t enough to get links. You need to spread the word of your great content by reaching out to sites and giving them a reason to link to you.

Show the value you could bring to their visitors and encourage them to link to you as a source. Another tactic is to guest post on other industry relevant sites and link back to independent research or highly valuable content you’ve produced.

Staying On Top

Be aware that by getting on top of these industry leaders and big businesses, they’ll work harder to reclaim their spot. Staying at the top of the ranks is a lot of work and requires dedication. Always find new ways to improve your content and creative ways to improve your rankings.

Have a question about beating those goliath businesses? Got a success story you want to share? Let us know in the comments below!

Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner  is a Top CMO, Content Marketing and Digital Marketing Influencer, an international keynote speaker, author of "Mean People Suck" and "The Content Formula" and he is the CEO and Founder of Marketing Insider Group, a leading Content Marketing Agency . He has worked in leadership positions in sales and marketing for global brands like SAP and Nielsen, as well as for thriving startups. Today, Michael helps build successful content marketing programs for leading brands and startups alike. Subscribe here for regular updates.