The Best Paragraph On Content Marketing I’ve Read All Year

Best Content Marketing Paragraph

Update (Jan., 2015): You might also want to check out:

This morning I woke up to this wonderful little article from the editors over at Digiday. It’s short and sweet. So go ahead and read it, then come on back. It’s ok. I’ll wait for you . . .

There’s a great list of 2015 Digital “Hot or Not” / “Ins and Outs” that I will include here as well. But no doubt you caught this paragraph:

But first, a moment to pause and reflect. This is a piece of “content” generated by a “newsroom,” after all. Digiday is a publisher but it is also a brand. You, too, are a brand. If everything is a brand, then everything is also a native ad for itself. So let’s set aside the semantic arguments for now. We still have each other; we’re not all bots yet. This content was not programmatically delivered.

I wish there was a named author, or authors, instead of “Digiday Editors.” Because I would like to reach out and thank them for writing the best collection of sentences I’ve read all year on content marketing. So if you are reading this, identify yourselves!? I did a Linkedin stalk on the phrase “Digiday Editor” and found Shareen Pathak, David Amrani, Brian Morrissey, Lucia Moses and Brian Braiker, to name a few. (UPDATE: shortly after publishing, Executive Editor Brian Braiker accepted responsibility and deserves credit for those words).

Why is this The Best Paragraph On Content Marketing I’ve Read All Year?

Content about content is more than just “so meta.” It is also a great example of disclosure and transparency

Publisher and Brand concepts merge. Everyone (person and brand) is a publisher. Every one (person and business) has a brand. If everything is a native ad for itself, then everything is content marketing and everything is marketing. This is exactly why I talk so much about how marketing has a marketing problem. Marketing is the conversation between people and brands!

Semantics are for cowards. As I talked about in my personal rant on the content marketing word of the year, semantic arguments like “brand publisher is a meaningless term,” “content marketing is just a buzzword,” and “Native advertising will destroy journalism” – these are all just defense mechanisms by leaders who are afraid to face the truth that digital is nothing without content. That banner ads must die. That TV advertising is set for a fall. And that we (brands, publishers and individuals) are all storytellers.

Programmatic is a race to the bottom. While the effectiveness of banners is so low and the inventory continues to climb, robots buying ads that no one can see will drive prices lower and lower. Programmatic cannot not continue as the  most interesting discussion in marketing and mainstream media circles.

Content marketing will become a core discipline for marketers, agencies and publisher studios. And soon we’ll just be calling it marketing. Not advertising. Not native. Not digital. Just marketing.

So, maybe there are more serious or funny or pithy or insightful paragraphs on content marketing out there. Please suggest your favorites here. But this one really caught my attention for the deep insight, the concise words and the brilliant introspection on the state of our industry.

And for some additional insights, check out the Digiday “In and Out” list for 2015. My favorites are Emojis, Podcast, and Brand Content.

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Michael Brenner

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9 thoughts on “The Best Paragraph On Content Marketing I’ve Read All Year

  1. I agree that this is a fantastic paragraph. Especially resonated with “Everyone is a publisher, everyone is a brand” – we all need to start realizing that the content we publish, be it our own content or content that we re-share, affectד our readers, and they all add up to building a brand. Before hitting the share (or like, or RT) button, we need to think – how will this piece of content, read by my community, affect them? Does it resonate with the branding I’m creating for myself or for my company?

    Thanks for sharing Michael, I think that this list is a great example of great content marketing.

    1. Thanks Yael, I banged out this post in rant-like fashion almost immediately after reading the Digiday list. I feel like sometimes we are missing the forrest through the trees and getting lost in tangents on native and semantics. The truth is that the world really has changed. Never before has every single person with an internet connection or a cell phone been able to reach billions of people. Personal branding now matters to everyone. Everyone is in marketing.

  2. What I find funny are how some of the things on 2015’s list I have done for a bit. Also how easily people are swayed by a title. You call something a podcast, it becomes cool, whether it deserves it or not.

  3. I put relationships above content.
    It’s sort of subliminal in me but when I read everyone is a publisher, I freak out and imagine being flooded with content from all other the place same as my mailbox gets flooded with xy% off from brands.
    So yes for everyone is a publisher but also yes to content is embedded in the network of relationships that thought leader (everyone) nurture.

  4. Out:TED talks
    In: Medium posts
    So true.

    Out: Sucking on Twitter
    In: More sucking on LinkedIn

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