Bolster Your Content Strategy With Interactive Video

According to Adobe, over 50% of marketers worldwide have named video as their best performing asset in terms of ROI. But video doesn’t have to simply be a static asset – new technologies that allow for interactive video are turning videos from single play-through experiences into engaging content pieces.

Whether it’s adding a choose-your-own-adventure style follow-up to the end of your video that allows viewers to move to the content that fits them best, or quizzes during the video that give you more perspective on your viewers needs, interactive video is a must-have in your marketing toolkit.

But with all the opportunities for interactive video assets, what’s the best place to get started? Let’s take a look.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are a great way to promote hyper-focused campaigns and build your marketing activities around a specific goal. On your landing page, video should definitely be centre-stage. It has the highest engagement rating of any content asset, and you can use it to tell immersive stories around your marketing campaigns.

One easy way to add interactivity to your landing page video is to incorporate a lead generation form into the end of your video. Leads that watch your video all the way to the end are already highly engaged, so if you can show them a lead form at this point of engagement, you’re much more likely to see positive results.

Definitely have other lead generation forms on the page as well, but including this interactive element at the end of your video is the fastest way to drive people further through the funnel when they are at their most-engaged level.

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Home Page

Your home page video is typically the first piece of video content your prospects interact with, and it’s an important one. According to ReelSEO, a home page video can increase your conversions by up to 20%, which is a big boost over other content mechanisms.

Home page videos typically don’t have a call-to-action beyond checking out the website for more information, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a big punch of interactivity to your content.

Including quizzes at key points, especially asking for more information on what your prospects are hoping to achieve with their goals, is a great way to engage people while they’re watching your content, and collect more information from viewers as to what they’re really after. If you integrate with Marketing Automation Platforms, ask viewers which one they use. If you have offices in multiple cities, ask viewers which one would be the most convenient for them.

The possibilities are limited only by what you want to know, and how much your audience is willing to answer.

Always remember that home page viewers may not be MQLs right away, so don’t overdo it, but adding some interactive elements to your home page video helps turn your video from a passive asset into something you can use to create more meaningful connections with prospects as they move through your funnel.

Blog Posts

Last, but certainly not least, is adding interactive elements to videos on your blog content. Chances are, someone who reads one of your posts would get a huge amount of value out of reading another, and videos are a great way to include a choose-your-own-adventure style redirect to other content.

If your viewer just finished watching a video on a new feature, give them a few options to click away and read posts on similar topics, or see more details on that feature in action.

Same goes for your episodic content — if you’ve got more than one video, this kind of interface is a great way to show off all the other content in the series, and generate even more interest in your content (think: end of YouTube videos).

Bringing It All Together

Video is an incredibly powerful tool in your marketing toolkit, and making it interactive is like putting icing on the cake. Using video on your homepage and landing pages and within your blog posts should be a given, and interactive elements like quizzes and redirects to other content allow you to turn those passive assets into truly interactive experiences for your viewers.

Coupled with powerful interactivity tools like SnapApp, your videos can generate leads, increase engagement with your other content pieces, and provide measurable feedback on what your prospects are looking for when they land on your product.

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