Connecting The Digital Dots Of The Customer Experience

Does your content marketing connect the digital dots with your customer experience?

My great grandmother, Michaelena, used to give me connect-the-dots books to keep me busy when I was a toddler. Many times the dots I created did not match the intention of the books’ authors. My ‘masterpieces’ often resulted with my grandmother just shaking her head!

If you are not thinking about the client’s experience and how data, digital and content impact, then you will likely not connect those dots either.

Here are a few data points to consider the effects of content and the buyer experience on your business success.

10 Customer Experience And Content Marketing Insights

65% of CIOs have changed their strategies to enhance customer experience — suggesting a trend in delighting the audience with digital and customized content! Source: The Economist Intelligence Unit

86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience — indicating buyers and shoppers want to finalize their purchase in the quickest, easiest and most personalized way! Source: Christine Crandell

80% of retail transactions will use social technology by 2020 — so retailers and other businesses need to embrace social to cash in on sales. Source: IBM

Over 40% of banks didn’t collect demographic information about their customers in 2014 — urging us to think about how to turn readily available information into a customized experience  Source: Oxford Economics

Only 14% of CIOs focus on customer experience — which should make us all wonder what the other 86% are thinking about … saving money? Source: Cognizant Center For The Future Of Work and Oxford Economics

97% of brands feel they can enhance their buyer experience. However, hope is not a strategy when it comes to customer connnection — digital and content marketing strategy is. Source: Cognizant Center For The Future Of Work and Oxford Economics

84% of brands already use native advertising to drive buyer awareness — furthering the strategy of providing the right message at the right time to the right customer on the right channel. Source: eMarketer

99.9% of digital display ads go unclicked — confirming the need to customize content to deliver a better ROI! Source: Google

5,500 ads bombard the average US customer every quarter — confirming clutter is the biggest barrier to the content connection! Source: Cognizant

Brands receive 60 monthly messages per 1000 Twitter followers — an encouraging response to how content can be used to connect with the customer. Source: Sprout

Do you have additional insights from these ten powerful statistics? If so, please share them below. Or reach out to me directly at [email protected] or on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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A collection of unconnected digital dots can create a random picture — sometimes scary and other times profitable. Data, metrics, and insight are an excellent way to get started on a positive return on customer experience! If anything, you’ll make my great grandmother Michaelena proud! — by connecting those dots the right way!

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