Content Marketing Strategy for Start-Ups

You knew you would have to master the art of content marketing before you even launched your start-up. You know you’re not the only one seeking attention in the specific industry, so you have to do your best to attract your target audience.

During the early stages of marketing, you’ll mostly rely on content promotion. You won’t have any email subscribers or followers on social media networks, so one of the best ways to get the attention of potential consumers is by producing high-quality publications.

If you’ve never done content marketing before, you’ll have several questions on your mind:

  • Can I write any kind of content?

  • Should it be short or long?

  • What topics are hot right now? Or should I focus on evergreens?

  • Do I use keywords or do I just focus on the quality?

Content marketing is not simple at all, especially when you’re new to it. Let’s start from the beginning. In the continuation, you’ll find effective tips on how to develop the content marketing campaign for a startup.

  1. Start with a strategy

Before you start with writing and promotional activities, you need to understand the behavior, likes, preferences, and problems of your audience. Only then you can start delivering articles, posts, videos, and other types of content that would get their attention.

There are few popular approaches to the content marketing strategy:

  • No strategy at all. Yup, even this can be a strategy. You write whenever you want to write and you don’t bother wondering what the audience wants to see. You launch a post on the first topic that comes to your mind. This is a liberating tactic for start-ups, since it keeps the writers flexible and motivated. However, the approach needs some kind of structure, at least when it comes to the niche and publication schedule.

  • Find out what the competition writes about. Focus on the most popular topics, but deliver better content. This strategy works because you’ll be launching content you know the audience is interested in. However, you have to provide great value by adding more uniqueness and insights in your articles.

  • Develop a customer persona and write for them. This approach requires diligent planning, but it’s the most effective one. It helps you to understand exactly what your potential buyer wants to get. When you have such information, you’ll write convincing content that will boost the awareness for your start-up.

Pick any of these approaches to develop your strategy. When you have a plan, you’ll need to stick to it, but you’ll also need to upgrade it on a regular basis.

  1. Keyword Planning Is a Must

The creation of content has a goal to bring more potential users towards your website. You can do that by promoting the publications via social media, but that won’t be enough. When keywords are being used in the wrong way, they make the content seem artificial. If, however, you nail the density and you fit the keywords effortlessly into the content, you’ll get a double benefit:

  • The reader will get focused content that answers their questions.

  • The search engines will bring a great number of visitors towards your site.

These are some of the most useful tools for keyword planning:

  1. Tell a Story

Many start-up marketers are focused on emphasizing the strengths of the products/services and the benefits the users are going to get. Storytelling is a much more effective strategy, which helps you develop a recognizable brand. Scentbird is a successful example of a start-up whose content marketing campaign is focused on storytelling. The blog team produces stories for different perfumes.

When developing a story for your new brand, you have to find your voice and keep it consistent throughout the content. Start the story by explaining why you started the brand, how you developed the product or service, and what principles you stand behind. The story will help you engage the audience on an emotional level, since they will see the struggles and goals behind the solutions you’ve developed.

To take things further, you can share the experiences of your users, in the form of testimonials. Ask influencers to talk about the way they used your solutions and the results you helped them achieve. That’s a story your target audience will be glad to hear.

  1. Choose the Most Effective Medium

When you’re trying to promote a start-up, it would be best to have a focused approach. If you decide to develop presence on all potential media, you’ll find yourself confused and overwhelmed. TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google+, LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit, WordPress… the list goes on and on. All of these media can be used for telling a story, and all of them can lead to an effective reaction from your audience. The question is: what are the most suitable promotional platforms for your business?

The solution to this problem is research. Analyze all these platforms and note down your impressions. Then, pick the ones that inspire great engagement among your target audience. Focus on two of those platforms. When you master the art of promoting on those media and you attract the attention of your audience, you can add another platform in your content marketing strategy.

Remember: all platforms require a different approach to content writing and marketing. Pinterest is more visual, and podcasting requires you to focus on storytelling. That’s why it’s important to focus on one medium at a time.

  1. Use the Right Tools for Content Writing

The element that connects all dots in content marketing is quality. Without it, your content will be just an addition to the pile of useless pages on the web. We don’t want that to happen, so here is the most important rule to remember: always deliver quality, solutions, and value.

Content marketing is a complex process. There are tools that will help you keep the quality consistent regardless of the volume of work you produce. Here are only few of them:

The content you promote has to be very clean and readable. The use of slang and complex language will only drive the audience away. With the help of this tool, you’ll be launching content that everyone can understand.

Pick the topics of your interest and you’ll keep getting daily updates with the most popular content. With Feedly, you’ll know what your audience wants to read, and you’ll gain insights into the content marketing strategies of competitors.

If you need professional writers to help you develop your content marketing campaign, you can find them at this platform. AssignmentMasters also connects you with expert editors, who will help you publish readable, focused, and error-free content.

The standard tool for all content marketers. Use it to keep all your ideas and sources in one place.

Promoting start-ups is not an easy thing. But, it’s always fun! You have tons of opportunities to explore, so keep the content marketing campaign interesting and unique!