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Content Marketing That Converts

Content Marketing That Converts

June 25, 2015
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How Do You Create Content Marketing That Converts?

There’s been a fundamental shift in the way marketers and customers create, consume, and share content.

Every day, billions of photos are uploaded, tweets are posted, snapchats are sent, and pieces of content are shared.

As marketers, we need to consider how our customers are consuming content and where, when, and how to engage them.

A content marketing strategy should be designed to engage your audience throughout the buyer’s journey. Producing relevant content for each lifecycle stage and delivering it at the right time and place is crucial to successful content marketing.

That’s the secret to creating content marketing converts!

The World Has Changed

It starts with the belief that the world has changed. Digital, social and mobile technology are causing disruptions in industries from taxi cab drivers to education.

And no function has been more disrupted than the marketing discipline. The way businesses need to connect with consumers has been altered forever. Traditional methods that have been honed since the beginning of the modern era no longer work.

And yet I hear marketing leaders say all the time, “Marketing hasn’t really changed.” I couldn’t disagree more.

Ask your friends (who aren’t in marketing) what they think you do and they will say something like advertising or selling. Marketing has a marketing problem.

But marketing isn’t the bastard child of selling and advertising. It is a conversation! [Tweet this!]

Most Marketing Stinks

Look around most marketing organizations and you will see a few things:

  • Content getting created that is never used
  • Campaigns budgets wasted on tactics that don’t work
  • Marketing programs created because the boss thinks they will work
  • Marketing materials that talk about your products and services

But here’s the truth: the majority of marketing time, budgets and people are wasted on creating content that your potential customers don’t want. Because they don’t care about you or your products. They are just trying to get their jobs done, to solve problems, maybe to even laugh once or twice a day.

So help convince your company to start creating content that people actually want!

How To Create Content That Converts?

Content marketing is a strategic solution to a strategic problem: creating more stuff that people want. Using your internal resources to drive the business forward (not the egos of the executives.)

So how do you create content that converts? I think it’s pretty simple, really:

  1. Create content your potential customers actually want
  2. Publish every single day on each topic that relevant for your audience
  3. Focus on subscriptions. That means publishing content that is so good, people opt-in to see it every day

It starts with defining the questions your customers are asking (in Google.) Then looking at the types of content your customers are sharing (on social.) Which channels do they use to consume this content. And which influencers are they listening to.

These are all knowable things in today’s digital world. Marketers who look at the kinds of marketing that actually works are creating content that converts.

And you can too. And I’d like to help. Tweet me @BrennerMichael and let’s chat.

These are the tips I presented recently to a Business Marketing Association gathering of B2B Marketing professionals in my home town of Philadelphia, PA.

Content Marketing That Converts from Michael Brenner

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2 thoughts on “Content Marketing That Converts

  1. rachel s

    marketers also tend to write for search engines rather than real readers and that’s pretty sad..

  2. Michael Brenner

    I agree Rachel. You can totally see it when the same keyword is used over and over. I try to write the way I talk and imagine who I am writing for when I speak.

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