Content Marketing Tools To Make Your Business Grow

Here are several of the best paid and free tools you can use to create and market your content in the most efficient and productive manner.

Many of the tools will optimize the way you disseminate information, and some of them will help you create more high-quality content.


With this tool you may schedule times for your posts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. It means you can create your posts weeks and months in advance, and then have them posted at the most ideal times on the days you determine. It is also good for streamlining your social media content production.


This is actually a company that will help you generate content. They are especially good for research-heavy content that requires a lot of effort, work and expertise on the part of the writer.


Are you using a WordPress website to push your content, your ideas, products and services? Then you should use this plugin to help you master your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


This is an email-marketing platform that allows you to market to your email list. It will send emails to your email list and if you follow the anti-spam guidelines, then there is no reason why the user should see your emails marked as spam.


This is a syndication platform that allows you to send SEO optimized press releases to 30,000 journalists and more than 250,000 of their opt-in news subscribers. You may also see your press releases sent to some of their 3-million monthly visitors too.


This tool will analyze your Twitter account and help you figure out when the best times to send your tweets are. You can figure out the best times to tweet in order to get views and when you should tweet to get followers.


Clip content from your web browser as you are searching the Internet and share it with your users. It also makes it easier for people to bundle their clipped content into other pieces of their content so they may share or publish it.


Organize just about any type of content creation project with this tool. Drag and drop cards on this tool between lists to indicate the progress of your content creation project. Add people to your project and drag them to cards. Create lists and reorder them as you need them.


With this tool you may connect your apps to help you achieve a certain goal, be it good health, keeping in touch, connecting your home, etc. As a marketer, you can use their News Alerts function to get information from a variety of sources in one place at one time.


With this tool, you are able to save handy resources, videos and articles to save for later so that you may share them within other apps. There are 300+ apps that are compatible with the Pocket system.


It seems only fair to have at least one time-tracking tool, since content marketing is time consuming. In addition, content marketing often requires the use of social media, which can become a time vampire. At least with Harvest you can see and restrict how much time you waste.


With this tool, you are able to plan out and map your content creation and marketing process so that you may follow your plan in a step-by-step fashion.

Meme Generator

This is a fun tool you can use to create content very quickly and very easily. You can create some very funny stuff if you are in the right frame of mind, and with this tool, you are able to do it very quickly.


The GIMP system is a free piece of software you can use to manipulate and Photoshop your images–which is often vitally important. Despite the fact that it is free, it is a little tricky to operate, and that fact sometimes puts people off using it.

This is a tool you can use to resize your images. Even though you do not have to worry very much about your images slowing down your page loading times, you will still need to resize images from time to time, especially for PDFs and E-books, and this tool allows you to do that easily and without losing too much image quality.