Why Creativity Is About Seeing the Potential in Things [Unthinkable Podcast]

In this episode, we hear stories about seeing the potential for things to be better, greater, and more creative, despite starting in a place that feels hopeless. When craft-driven creators are at the end of their ropes or they’ve been handed assignments or situations that feel utterly broken, what do they do?

 In This Episode:

  • First, I wrestle with some leftovers (BONUS: you get a recipe out of this episode!).
  • Then, we go outside the echo chamber to hear the curious case of the Warriors — starting in a very bad place.
  • Then we hear the story of entrepreneur John Marsh, whose career journey looks a lot more like a detour.

Links to Know:

  • John Marsh: www.linkedin.com/in/john-marsh-1576069
  • John Marsh’s real estate business: www.liveopelika.com/
  • New York Times piece on the Warriors: www.nytimes.com/2016/04/03/magazi…arriors.html?_r=0

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Support for This Episode:

  • RightSideShirts.org – empowering kids to be more creative and helping art programs in need.

This Week’s Challenge:

  • Answer the simple but complex question: Where are you going?
  • HOW we will save a bad idea at work, or tackle a tough situation, or push forward against shortcut culture or negative forces is never clear. But in our quest to have a more craft-driven career and do more creative work, if we know the WHY, we’re able to drive forward with more purpose and confidence. Tactics, projects, and jobs can and do change. But you should always stand firm in your beliefs. So what are yours?

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