Diversifying Distribution: Why It’s Important (Plus The Data To Prove It)

With great content comes great responsibility. With so much time and resources put into producing quality content, you also need to make sure that it reaches (and resonates) with your target audience. Building a solid distribution strategy is crucial to the success of your content marketing efforts and converting readers to customers. The best approach? Utilizing a mix several channels, including social, public relations, and email marketing to maximize the reach and meet consumers where they are.

Let’s Get Social

Social platforms were built on the very concept of sharing and growing online communities through content that adds value to consumers’ lives. Whether this is in the form of a video, listicle, graphic, or other format, engaging and useful content will always get shared on social. However, not all content formats or social channels will be the right fit for your brand. In order to make the most of your social distribution, you have to keep in mind who will be viewing your content, how they will be interacting with it (mobile, tablet, desktop,etc.), and most importantly, the business goals you’re aiming to achieve.

Earn That Coverage 

Reaching out to distribution partners and pitching reporters is a valuable method to get content noticed by large audiences. Coverage generated from this outreach can increase your content’s success tenfold because pickup on a reputable publication reaches thousands more readers, adds value, and can then become a reference for another blog, webinar, etc., once again increasing reach. The best part is that you increase your distribution without paying any additional costs – it’s all built upon the quality of the content. Plus, if you are strategic with your outreach, you can build lasting relationships with writers who you can work with more in the future.

Let’s take a look at one of our own campaigns, Snap-thropology: Insightful Data on Snapchat’s Avid Users, created as a result of a survey conducted with Snapchat users. After collecting the data, we carefully built a content strategy that included different content types (infographic, mini graphics, op-ed, etc.) that aligned to social, media, and our owned channels. As a result of using multiple distribution tactics and capitalizing on a relevant topic, the infographic was published on 20 key publications, viewed over 14,000 times, shared over 9,800 times, and reached tens of thousands of marketers.

Email Wins Every Time

Finally, we close the distribution strategy with an oldie but a goodie: email. Email is an extremely valuable distribution channel, yet is often the most overlooked. In fact, 57% of marketers say that email marketing drives the highest ROI of all their distribution channels. And we agree: from examining our own newsletters, we found that our highest performing email brought in an 18.6% open rate, which was 2.5% higher than any other newsletter in the month of August.

Content is everywhere, and as a marketer it can be challenging to break through the noise to get your content seen and heard. We can’t just assume because our content is interesting and engaging that it will be found. Instead, marketers need to maximize content engagement by deliberately driving distribution and ensuring that great content is seen, consumed, and shared.