Why You Should Focus More on the INSIDES of Your Content [Podcast]

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When we say the word content, MOST of us refer to the container.

It’s a bunch of blog posts, videos, or podcasts. But the audience we aim to serve is after what’s INSIDE our content — the information, the education, the entertainment. So why the heck do brands and marketers spend so much less time focused on the stuff INSIDE the content they create?

Stories today from Slack, the fastest-growing business app of all time, and their director of content, Julie Kim. Then, bestselling author Andrew Davis (Brandscaping, Town Inc) pulls from his time in TV production with the Jim Henson Company and Charles Kuralt to teach us how to think more strategically about the stuff we create and how we structure it.

What happens when you spend way more time thinking about the stuff INSIDE our work?

It’s Unthinkable.

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Julie Kim on Twitter: twitter.com/onejuliekim

Andrew Davis on Twitter: twitter.com/drewdavishere

Andrew Davis’s website: www.akadrewdavis.com/

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