Why YOU Hate Cheap Tricks in Business But Others Don’t Seem to Mind

Why do some people seem totally fine using tactics that make us nauseous? If we’re going to trust our intuition, then often times, that means rejecting some of the gimmicks and hacks and cheats that others don’t seem to mind using.

Why the gap in thinking? How can we make sense of that? And how does it change our behavior?

Today, we go outside our echo chamber with Emily Hirshey, a writer on Ashton Kutcher‘s Netflix show, The Ranch. Then we hear the story of two veteran content marketers, Dave Gerhardt and Erik Devaney, who completely rejected one of the most common-if-gimmicky B2B marketing tactics and experienced all kinds of internal and external dread and joy.

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Emily Hirshey on Twitter: twitter.com/emilyhirshey

The Ranch on Netflix: www.netflix.com/title/80077977

Dave Gerhardt Twitter: twitter.com/davegerhardt

Erik Devaney Twitter: twitter.com/bardofboston

Drift home page: drift.com

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