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What to Know About Hiring a Technical Content Marketing Agency

What to Know About Hiring a Technical Content Marketing Agency

May 2, 2022
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If your company operates in a highly technical industry, content marketing is probably not for you — right?


Every company today — technical industries included — need content marketing to reach their target audience. But you don’t have to go it alone. You can work with a technical content marketing agency to help you reach your content goals.

Technical content marketing agencies have the right combination of technical writing experience and marketing expertise to write content that works for your company and customers.

In this article, we’ll cover what a technical content marketing agency is, address your concerns about product expertise, and explain exactly how technical content agencies deliver results.

Let’s get started!

Quick Takeaways

  • Technical content marketing agencies have both technical writing experience and content marketing expertise.
  • Content agencies succeed not by becoming experts on your specific technologies, but by writing content that addresses your customers pain points and needs.
  • Technical content marketing agencies are skilled at translating technical topics into engaging content that customers want to read.
  • Companies who implement technical content marketing see higher Google rankings, more organic traffic, and increased brand visibility.

What is a technical content marketing agency?

Technical writing: an overview

Technical writing requires unique experience different from that of traditional content writers. They communicate complex information in a way that is understandable to audiences who may not have technical expertise themselves or who require specific instructions to use a product.

Technical writers create documents like:

  • Journal articles
  • Instruction manuals
  • How-to guides
  • RFPs and proposals
  • White papers
  • API documentation

Now you might be wondering: what do those kinds of documents have to do with content marketing?

Good question.

Just like in every other industry, companies in technical spaces need to market their products and services. And just like in every other industry, content marketing is one of the most effective ways to do it.

The thing is, their blog posts, marketing emails, lead magnets — they all inevitably have to include some of the technical language that goes into the more formal documents mentioned above. But it needs to be done in a way that is clear and engaging to wider audiences.

Technical companies need writers with both technical writing and marketing skills.

Enter: technical content marketing agencies.

What is a technical content marketing agency and why do companies need them?

A technical content marketing agency specializes in creating marketing content for technical audiences. This includes the software, medical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and electronics industries (to name a few). Just like with traditional content marketing, their content is customer focused and SEO optimized.

They create marketing content specifically to attract new customers and engage audiences without sacrificing the technical authenticity and accuracy that industry professionals expect.

This is critical for companies in technical industries. Today, 91% of all B2B companies are using a content marketing strategy to grow their business.

91% of B2B companies use content marketing.

Image Source: Content Marketing Institute

In other words: content marketing is a competitive necessity. No company — in any industry — can afford to leave content out of their larger marketing strategy.

The technical content conundrum

Challenge: agencies can’t write about our technology

Technical companies have a specific challenge to meet. They need an agency with the ability to write technical content about their specific brand, technologies, and offerings.

But most technical companies don’t feel like they’re able to do it. Research from the Content Marketing Institute found that “finding partners with adequate topic expertise” is the number one challenge for B2B companies outsourcing content.

Finding partners with adequate topic expertise is the number one outsourcing challenge for B2B companies.

Image Source: Content Marketing Institute

Technical companies trying to make it work with generalized content services are no doubt experiencing that challenge.

The solution? A technical content marketing agency with the expertise to meet your needs.

Solution: customer-focused content

A common misconception is that technical content marketing agencies need to be experts on the specific products and brands they write about. The truth is, though, that no agency is ever going to have the same level of expertise that the company itself has.

What technical content marketing agencies are experts on is writing for the audiences that technical companies serve. They have the right strategies and tactics for pinpointing what your customers want. They are skilled at translating complex technical topics into engaging content that customers actually want to read.

In other words, the content created by a technical content marketing agency is not going to be in-depth content about your products and technologies. You’re the expert on those things. Instead, technical content marketing agencies create engaging content about the topics your customers specifically want to know about — content that attracts them to your website so that they begin to explore your products themselves. Content that makes your brand stand out!

Here’s how they do it:

Identifying customer pain points

Successful technical content marketing (and content marketing in general) starts with knowing your customer’s needs. Mostly, it’s about identifying their pain points.

Pain points are the specific problems your customers experience that lead them to seek your products and services. When you write content addressing pain points, customers feel understood. Pain point content builds important trust with your audience and confidence that you’ll be able to deliver the right solutions.

So, to emphasize again: customer pain points are not about your specific products or solutions. Writing about pain points does not require a technical content marketing agency to know your technologies the same way you do. It just requires them to know the problems your customers are facing that make them need it!

The image below explains the concept in simple terms:

Pain point vs. solution.

Image Source:

Pain points are identified using empathy. In other words, seeing your customer’s experience from their point of view. Content agencies can help you do it and point you toward resources that help!

Keyword research

The other way technical content marketing agencies identify what your audience wants to know about is through keyword research. Keyword research enables you to create broad pillar content on the most important topics your customers search for. It also allows you to drill down into more specific topics and queries relevant for niche audiences.

You can explore keyword research yourself using tools such as Ahref’s Free Keyword Generator tool or SEMRush’s Keyword Magic Tool.

When you hire a technical content marketing agency, they help you identify hundreds of keywords and phrases that your customers are searching for. Then, they translate them into titles and focused keywords for blog articles and other content pieces. Finally, they deliver consistent content around these topics for you to publish.

Over time, you’ll start to see the results of this effort: higher Google rankings, more web traffic, and higher conversions (to name a few!).

Results: higher rankings, more traffic, increased visibility

Let’s dive deeper into some of the results you can expect from hiring a technical content marketing agency.

Higher rankings

In today’s digital marketplace, your company is pretty much invisible without ranking on Google search results pages. Here’s why: 93% of all online experiences start with search — including brand research. B2B buyers are completing 57-70% of their brand research on their own before ever reaching out to potential providers. To boot, 99.6% of online users never scroll past the first page of Google results.

Even the best content won’t earn rankings if it isn’t optimized for search! Technical content marketing agencies are experts at creating SEO content that delivers.

Higher organic traffic

Customers are more savvy than ever, and they recognize a paid ad when they see one. That’s not to say paid ads can never be effective. But on Google search results pages, customers focus on the organic search results 94% of the time!

Users focus on organic search results 94% of the time.

Image Source:

Users trust that organic search results will deliver more authentic value. Organic search accounts for more than half of all website traffic! It also drives the larger results your company wants to see — namely more leads and higher conversions.

More visibility

As you earn higher rankings and drive organic traffic to your website, your brand will inevitably experience more visibility with your target audience. Visibility is important because over time, it increases brand authority, or the degree to which your audience trusts you as an expert in your field.

Boost your technical content marketing strategy today

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To learn more, check out our SEO Blog Writing Service or schedule a quick consultation with me today!

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