Weekend Reading: “Killing Marketing” by Joe Pulizzi

For the 139th episode of The Marketing Book Podcast, I interviewed Joe Pulizzi, co-author with Robert Rose of Killing Marketing: How Innovative Businesses Are Turning Marketing Cost Into Profit.

Killing Marketing explores how successful companies are ending the marketing as we know it – in favor of an exciting new model in which the marketing itself becomes a profit center.

Too good to be true? It’s already happening. Companies like Red Bull, Johnson & Johnson, Disney and Arrow Electronics have succeeded in what ten years ago would have been deemed impossible.

They continue to market their products as they always have, and, through their content-driven and audience-building initiatives, they drive value outside the day-to-day products they sell―and monetize it directly.

The authors explain…

Whether you are a CEO at a Fortune 500 company, VP of marketing at a midsize enterprise, or own the smallest of small businesses, this book is for those who want (and probably need) to think differently about how to grow your business —especially in an era when anyone, anywhere can copy your product or service. Whatever your title or role, if you are part of the sales and marketing process to generate revenue, this book was created for you.

Your job, as a marketing professional, is to push away the biases you have and start to look at marketing as not just driving demand. You have to look at it like you are a foreigner looking at a new country for the first time. Ask yourself, what else is content doing? And then ask yourself, what else can content do? Ultimately, you have to make the decision to kill how you market so that you can take advantage of an entirely new model. The marketing skills of tomorrow are equal parts marketing and publishing. To survive, we need to understand both, and the business model that is born from that mixture. We’re hoping this will be a fun and enlightening journey for you.

A bit more about the book…

Douglas Burdett

Douglas Burdett is the Principal of Artillery, a B2B marketing agency and is host of The Marketing Book Podcast. He is a former artillery officer, Madison Avenue ad man and stand-up comedian.