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10 Innovation Podcasts That Will Foster Growth

10 Innovation Podcasts That Will Foster Growth

January 15, 2024
4 min read

Marketers rely on creativity as much as they do data sets. What happens, then, when you’re a marketer whose marketing juices have dried up?

Or whose leadership skills seem to have lost their edge? Simple: You turn to other experts for a bit of mental and career rejuvenation through resources like books and podcasts.

You can certainly read books and articles to get your innovative thinking back on track. However, you might also want to give your eyes a break. Instead, let your ears absorb some refreshing new concepts by tuning into some growth-focused podcasts.

Recommended Podcasts for Marketers

Not sure which podcasts to choose when your imagination fuel tank hits empty and you feel like you’re going through the motions at work? Try these 10 favorites among professionals.

1. “Better Innovation”

There’s innovation. And then there’s “Better Innovation.” The difference may seem minute, but better innovators make decisions that disrupt and transform whole industries.

If you’re tired of seeking motivation from the same places, listen to a recent insightful episode on digital trust by EY’s Global Vice Chair of Transformation Hank Prybylski. Hank encourages leaders to approach innovation with courage and curiosity in order to build resiliency. “Better Innovation” provides listeners with plenty of food for thought, no matter where they hang their hats. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself taking notes. This fast-paced podcast is full of wisdom.

2. “Beyond High Performance”

A collaborative effort between the Meta Performance Institute for Coaching and executive coaching firm Novus Global, “Beyond High Performance” features three main shows devoted to kicking mediocrity, complacency, and the normal (yawn) to the curb.

As a marketer, you’ll instantly connect with The Meta Performance Show, designed to provide an insider look into successful people—and the tough mind shifts they made to aim high and rise even higher. Prepare to be inspired to give just a bit more every day. After all, even a modest (and doable) 1% increase in effort will nearly double your performance and capabilities over the next quarter.

3. “The Elevate Podcast”

Hosted by Acceleration Partners’ CEO, Robert Glazer, “The Elevate Podcast” offers exactly what you’d expect: A chance to climb to the next plateau.

Whether you want to improve your leadership and inspire others to do their best work, or you’re ready for a moment of pure reinvention, you’ll appreciate Glazer’s conversations with some of today’s brightest, most heartening influencers.

4. “The CMO Whisperer”

The CMO Whisperer” with host Steve Olenski is a podcast tailor-made for marketers seeking inspiration alongside real-world insights. However, it’s more than just another marketing podcast because it’s dedicated to those both inside and outside of the world of marketing.

Olenski’s show invites guests from across the C-suite, agency leadership, and editorial spheres to share their wisdom and experiences. Recent guests have included Alan Bethke, the SVP of Marketing for Subaru of America; Marissa Solis, the VP of Marketing for the NFL; and former NBA player, Channing Frye. Whether you’re seeking a fresh perspective or practical strategies for success, this podcast promises to inspire and reignite your marketing fervor.

5. “You’re Booked”

You’ve met some pretty awe-inspiring people in your time. But have you ever wondered, “What are they reading?” Daisy Buchanan, the mastermind behind “You’re Booked” has. In every podcast episode, she noses around interesting people’s bookshelves to find out where their muses—and sometimes musings—are coming from.

Professionals don’t always read what you’d expect, and lots of Buchanan’s guests get their entertainment from some pretty strange and unexpected reads.

6. “Ten Percent Happier”

When Dan Harris suffered a panic attack on live TV, he couldn’t have known that it would be his defining moment. Years later, he’s a bestselling author and the show host of “Ten Percent Happier.” His podcast concentrates on how professionals can balance the desire to do (and be) more with the mental health need to slow down and do less.

Even if you’re not gaga about meditation techniques like Harris is, you’ll find something to reignite your marketing career and personal resolutions.

7. “The Minimalists Podcast”

You’re running around all the time. Your calendar is packed. Your projects keep piling up. Yet all this “more” seems to be getting you “less.” What gives? Perhaps you need to actually strive for less in terms of adopting a minimalist mindset.

In “The Minimalists Podcast,” you’ll hear all about Ryan Nicodemus’ and Joshua Fields Millburn’s takes on modern minimalism in action. Their teachings and tales may help you start prioritizing everything on your to-do list—and finding true meaning and magic out of the stuff that actually matters.

8. “Happier With Gretchen Rubin”

Can you hack your way to happiness? Gretchen Rubin believes it’s possible, and her show, “Happier With Gretchen Rubin” reveals all the secrets to personal satisfaction. However, don’t expect this podcast to be all fluff and no substance. Rubin tackles the tough topics, although she never loses a sense of perspective or charm. In fact, she’s a queen of analogies.

After listening to a few episodes, you’ll see some of your experiences (and all those marketing tasks) through new lenses.

9. “Pivot”

When you’re listening to “Pivot With Jenny Blake,” you begin to realize just how much control you have over your universe. Blake walks you down the path of self-realization, encouraging you to take charge over the world that’s ahead.

Even if you love your job, relationship, and life, you’ll find inspiration and mental stimulation in this podcast. Learn how to energize yourself so your inner wellsprings of creativity never come up empty.

10. “Side Hustle Pro”

Have a hobby? Maybe you can find a way to turn it into more than a pastime and use your marketing skills to line your personal coffers. Host Nicaila Matthews Okome shares her secrets for becoming a “Side Hustle Pro” in her clever, refreshing podcast.

Find out how so many other professionals grew their hustles into impressive entrepreneurial businesses. If nothing else, you’ll be persuaded that life and possibilities are always more than meets the eye.

Ready to give your ears a treat, your leadership bones a reawakening, and your creative genius a nudge? Tune in, turn up the volume, and enjoy an episode or two from these podcasts.

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