The Secret to Creating Super Content Easily

I remember reading comic books during my childhood. Yes, some of the best days of life. I would spend time staring longingly at the comic book covers. Oh and once I did have a tiff with another guy over a limited edition Superman comic. The caped superhero has been one of my long time favorites. Superman born Kal-El uses his super hero capabilities to benefit the human beings and instill the power of hope.

Unlike Superman you as a marketer might not have the super strength to lift trucks, but you can still enhance value for your readers by creating super content.

The secret to powerful content is a content audit. It is the evaluation of the current state of your content.

Conducting content audit

Don’t be afraid to start off the process. It may look challenging but the results are valuable. You can easily work with Google sheets or an Excel spreadsheet.  Here’s the overview of the content audit process.

  • Start of the audit by accounting for the present URLs

Listing down the available content is easy with tools like Screaming Frog and XML sitemap generator. Once you have the list, you can start collecting data from tools like Google Analytics to take a deeper dive in content.

  • Analysis of content

Looking at content shares and traffic reports will help you understand about content which resonates with the readers. To analyze what topics connect more with your audience, take a look from the reader’s perspective. Does it solve their problem?  Does it inform or entertain them? Content analysis reveals more details and potential changes which will improve the content creation process.

  • Working on the strategy

Now when you have the findings, you have the chance to optimize the existing pages or create new pages to fill the gaps. Content can be then customized for to meet the user needs and accomplish goals. Content Audits can be done periodically to keep a check on the content needs. As the internal and external environment is subject to change, working out a strategy will ensure you stay ahead in the competition.

Benefits of a web audit

Conducting a content audit is the key to identify how you can create more meaningful content for your readers. Let’s look at the benefits of audit.

Audit your way to find the gaps. It brings to light the content which you need to produce. Your competitors might be ranking for the keyword targeted by you. The findings can result in you being producing content to cover the topics and target relevant audience. Tools like Ahrefs can help you with the analysis.

  • Identify areas of improvement

As you conduct an audit, you begin to identify and review the content assets present. You discover the areas which may cause problems. The content can be removed or updated to improve the information. It can be low-quality content which is poorly written and structured. Addressing the issues will result in increased credibility and make it more appealing to the existing as well as new users

  • Quality evaluation

Is the content structured in short or long paragraphs? Does a content piece have relevant subheads? While performing an audit, you’ll come across the type of content, which can be short or lengthy. If your website contains plenty of pages but is of no value to the reader, it’s a problem. Quality assessment will help you ensure that your content is of the highest quality.

  • Site structure

Site structure is the arrangement of content under specific categories. In the absence of a structure, visitors won’t know if they are in the right place. The result they will get lost and immediately abandon your website. By listing down the content, you’ll have the chance to structure the content in accordance with the information you look to provide.

  • Improving findability

Search engine algorithms keep on improving. And a proper SEO ensures your content is found on search. If users are unable to find out website, you might miss out the target audience. An SEO check will assess how to keep the perfect balance between findability and user experience. Audit includes identification of content type and their rankings in order to improve their organic search requirements.

  • Uncover more opportunities

An in-depth analysis of your existing content will help you understand what makes your audience click and search engines crawl. A strategy can then be prepared in accordance of the current content state relevant to your audience and organizational interest.

Unleash the super-power

Kryptonite, the radioactive element has detrimental effects on Superman and removes his super-powers. Similarly, inaccurate content hampers a user’s experience. Super content can be created by understanding and analyzing the existing content during the audit process.

Now put on that super cape and create awesome content.